First of Advent 2014



Peter found a series of old German Christmas songs in the computer. It was very rewarding to be able to listen to all these songs while celebrating the First of Advent.

A picture from the computer of the Vienna Boy's Choir singing German Christmas songs.
A picture from the computer of the Vienna Boy’s Choir singing German Christmas songs.

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We listened to a lot of Christmas songs by different groups and artists. They all sang the German texts that we are still quite familiar with, bringing back memories to what it was like when we were children. Here some names of the songs: O Tannenbaum, O du fröhliche, Ave Maria, Kling Glöckchen kling, Leise rieselt der Schnee, and so on.

We had tea and German ‘Oblaten Lebkuchen’.

Then I could not help myself taking a few more pictures!






RIMG0600 (2)

13 thoughts on “First of Advent 2014

  1. That looks just about as German an Adventstisch as you can get, Uta! I like your Nussknacker – my mother also has one from East Germany (one of the few things worth buying in the DDR) . I muss post you a photo. He isn’t as smart as yours, though!

    1. Yea, thanks, Cat. Our nutcracker is keeping quite well, considering how old he is. A ‘smart’ nutcracker would be able to crack nuts, wouldn’t he? I’m afraid our nutcracker can do no such thing. He is really a very simple guy, but I love him!
      I have good memories about celebrating Advent around an Adventstisch every Advent Sunday. There was always my mother and my brothers and maybe Grandma (Oma) and some cousins.
      We were always singing Christmas songs while the Advent candle(s) were burning. Der Adventskranz would be made of real Tannenzweigen. A special treat was when we were allowed to ‘kokel’ with a bit of Tanne. We just loved the smell of the smoldering Tanne! 🙂

  2. Christmas carols and the warm atmosphere conveyed by them are a true delight. I have a 1992 recording of the Vienna Boy’s Choir with Uwe Christian Harrer as Artistic Director. Quite a treat! I understand that the Choir goes back to 1498 when Maximilian I founded the Hofmusikkapelle.

  3. Love your First Day of Advent Traditions. The nostalgic Christmas songs filling the cool Winter air, the colors of red and green bringing out that Joyful holiday cheer…it feels and looks like the Christmas I know as a kid. Thank you for sharing your blessings my friend. God bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much, dear IT. These Christmas songs, that I remember from my childhood, have a special meaning for me. Some songs were very joyful, others very reflective, that is ‘besinnlich’. Besinnlich meant we became deeply and seriously thoughtful while singing these songs . This kind of singing appealed to me. Advent was the only time of the year when my family would sit together like this on a Sunday afternoon. And it went on for four Sundays in a row. After the fourth Sunday of Advent some serious preparations for Christmas Eve started. We children were not included in these preparations. As children we therefore became highly impatient while we were waiting for Christmas Eve – “Heiligabend” .

  4. Love the idea that you still enjoy your traditions Uta.
    Beautiful table decorations and nostalgic memorys playing across your mind, as you relax to the music you have cherished over the years at Christmas time.
    Wishing you and Peter a beautiful happy Christmas.
    Ian and Ana

    1. Thank you, Ian and Ana. 🙂
      Christmas Eve we’re going to have a full house again, here in Dapto. On Christmas Day, very early in the morning, Peter and I will be taking off to Melbourne with Caroline and Matthew in a rented car. So we’re going to spend a few days with our son Martin in Melbourne. Also looking forward to seeing Martin’s two grandchildren, our two great-granddaughters!
      Wishing you and Ana a beautiful happy Christmas, too.
      Uta and Peter

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