Eclectic Interests

6 Jan

Debra, in “breathelighter”, mentions eclectic interests.
She also says: “
Keeping an active mind and following my curiosity is what also reduces stress and assures that I’m breathing lighter! I hope you’ll feel welcome to come along at any time. I enjoy sharing.”

She also talks about creativity in answer to one comment. She replies to one comment as follows:

“You made a very interesting point with the question, “why do some people embrace it [creativity] more easily than others?” Really good question…and I don’t know! LOL! If I depended on defining creativity as personal artistic expression, I’d come up lacking! 🙂 But I’m creative in following the trail of little day-trips, museums, libraries and gardens, checking into areas of interest, and I think that nourishes my soul, which may answer best about creativity! I like people with eclectic interests, so I think you and I would do very well spending time together!”

Yesterday Debra said in her comment to my last post the following: “I share in your desire for more peace between nations and individuals in 2015. . . . “

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