The SATURDAY PAPER published today an article on Malcolm Turnbull. They refer to a 5000-word speech Turnbull gave in the United States on the future of the Asia-Pacific. In this speech Turnbull embedded his reflections on leadership. He said:

“Leaders must be decision-makers, but they must also be, above all, explainers and advocates, unravelling complex issues in clear language that explains why things have to change and why the government cannot solve every problem.”

This sort of thing is exactly what I expect from a leader. I definitely like things to be explained to me in clear language. To be kept in the dark about all the decision making is an awful feeling!

Ah, and here is something else Turnbull said:

“It is vitally important both as a matter of social justice and political reality, that structural changes are seen as being fair across the board. That means not only must tough decisions be justified, but that the burden of adjustment is not borne disproportionately by one part of the community.”

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