A Prime Minister has to be a team player

Very timely post by Robyn Oyeniyi. Well worth reading!

Random Observations of Life

Tony Abbott makes far too many Captains’ Calls. Knights and dames, the $20 Medicare rebate reduction, Prince Philip’s knighthood and now the call to move the leadership spill discussion/meeting/vote to Monday at 9 am. Make no mistake: this is a strategic move with personal motivation. It is not true leadership style.

Abbott seems to be under the illusion he is a president, not a prime minister. The Australian system is the party that wins a majority in the lower house forms government and chooses the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister MUST be a team player, otherwise democracy is undermined. Despite the number of Abbott supporters wailing they voted for Abbott as Prime Minister, they didn’t. That is impossible in the Australian system, irrespective of what any individual might like…

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One thought on “A Prime Minister has to be a team player

  1. Sorry Uta , but couldnt go along with the thinking of the writer you reposted from,
    Gives me the impression of a very self centred egotistical person who is out to blame the world for her woes.

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