It is quite horrendous. One wonders, how all this was possible!


    1. My goodness, I think what the Stasi did to the DDR citizens was absolutely horrendous! How can anything be worse? How many of the world’s population can be locked up in jail? Modern surveillance probably comes a bit cheaper than what the Stasi was able to accomplish. But to deprive more and more people of their freedom by jailing them there must be a limit to this. Or maybe it is “1984, here we come!”

      1. In many US cities, 50-75% of the young black male population can expect to serve time in jail or prison because of the so called “war on drugs.” In many cases people are given long sentences for mere drug possession. And many people who are innocent wind up in prison because they can’t afford a decent lawyer and are pressured to to accept a plea bargain. After their release, they are ineligible for welfare, food stamps, public housing and many, many jobs due to the felony on their record.

      2. Maybe it cannot get any worse than this. The question is, what do we do with all this information? I thought what the Nazis did was the worst that could ever have happened without an uprising of the whole nation.

      3. I think we all have to make that decision for ourselves based on our own particular situation. I have dealt with it by becoming a full time activist – by educating and organising people to end some of the worst atrocities in the current system.

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