Sunday, 22nd of February 2015

Today, after lunch, we drove to Forest Grove Estate, a gated community with some well kept garden areas, a pond, lots of water birds and a cafeteria near the water. We walked around the area for a little while after we had parked the car. Peter took a lot of pictures with his camera which he has given me so I can publish some of them.

At the cafeteria we had some coffee. Peter also ordered some cake with the coffee. It turned out to be a beautiful desert on an extra large plate. The cake was surrounded by caramel sauce, ice-cream and cream. They provided two spoons in case we wanted to share. However I decided to have just the coffee. I did not feel like having anything that sweet.

When we went to the cafeteria it was only a bit after one. A lot of people – mostly pensioners – were still having their lunch. Since it was Sunday, there was a guy playing the guitar and also singing. On a notice it said that Sundays from 12,30 to 2,30 there was always some live music. The staff were all young and very friendly. Really, a beautiful place for having Sunday lunch! We plan on going there for a bite some time soon.























5 thoughts on “Sunday, 22nd of February 2015

  1. There is something so Australian about the Sunday drive and watching pelicans. I remember doing it so often with my parents as a kid and feeding the birds when we stopped for lunch by the water.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jenni. Our Sunday drive actually took only about five minutes. This gated community is that close to us! The cafeteria had been closed for a while. It opened again very recently. Friends of mine indicated they would like to go there for lunch one day. The gardens surrounding the cafeteria are certainly very attractive and all the birds seem to love this beautiful pond. We were happy to see that there are still a lot of birds around. We had not been to this place for quite some time. I do remember we went there with one of our daughters on Father’s Day 2012. I mentioned in a blog that we went there and had some lovely brewed tea in the cafeteria. 🙂

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