A Success Story


This is a story well worth reading.

“. . . .  The program is almost naive in its simplicity. A significant number of the some 250 people involved work as scouts whose job it is to spot young Muslim men who have become radicalized. Once identified, they are approached by authorities in conjunction with a local Muslim cleric in the hopes of turning them away from violence. It is essentially a vast screening program for potential terrorists. And the strange thing is: It appears to be working. . . . . “

4 thoughts on “A Success Story

  1. Muslims and I are not compatible Uta, for a start Islam is not a religion, the reasons being that all Muslim peoples are born under Sharia, they have no choice of religion, they are born under the umbrella of Sharia, Sharia is not a religion but a code of conduct that is enforced to subjugate and rule the people, no matter what they do or where they go in the world. There will be a solution one day Uta and I dont like saying it, the Western world will oneday unite in global genocide, a germ has been released on the world globally and needs a universal effort to eradicate it, Hitler got it wrong, America got it wrong with Hiroshima, but maybe the western worlds in unity can get it right.

    1. How come, Ian, we think the Western world is better than the Muslim world? I think we are kidding ourselves if we believe this. We have to work for reconciliation. We have to work for peace, not war. This is what I think.

    1. In a way we are brainwashed often too, Cat, aren’t we? How can we think killing people with drones is the right way? And yet, I have not seen any major public uprising to stop it.
      ” . . . .

      The message that Aarslev seeks to impart with Saadi’s help is a simple one: We have nothing against the fact that you are religious. We also have nothing against the fact that you went to Syria or are planning to go again, as long as you don’t do anything against the law while there. We have nothing against your view of the world, even if it is different from our own. We accept all of that, because it is legal and okay. Indeed, it is none of our business.

      But, they say, there is a red line, one which delineates legal activity from illegal activity under Danish criminal law. Criminal activity or human rights violations perpetrated in Syria will not be tolerated and those who seek to break the law in Denmark will be prosecuted.

      . . . . ”

      So they say ‘Criminal activity or human rights violations (perpetrated in Syria) will not be tolerated and those who break the law (in Denmark) will be prosecuted.’

      This sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

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