Money and Greed, Decadence, Episode 1

Episode One—Money:- Part one examines the growing greed of society and the 80’s ideal that greed is good. It also looks at the growing disparity between rich and poor.

Decadence – Meaninglessness of modern life – Episode 1 – Money

Published on Jan 16, 2013

An excellent six part series which examines modern life and considers the impact of our relentlessly changing world upon key values that used to make western society something to aspire to.
Each episode is packed with pearls of wisdom and a lot of food for thought.

Concepts are well presented with rational arguments and good examples – helping to justify the often disappointing new realities it reveals.
After consideration, even if this series is only half-true … we can ill-afford inaction.

Join Pria Viswalingam for the new six-part documentary series, Decadence, as he considers whether we are now completely bogged down in a mire of meaningless self-indulgence, and whether we do really need iPods, plasma screen TVs, Brazilian waxes and self-navigating 4WDs to achieve happiness. He asks if family incomes have never been higher in the western world, property values are soaring, if conspicuous consumption and material wealth have never been so evident, why are we so unhappy?

2 thoughts on “Money and Greed, Decadence, Episode 1

    1. Right, Cat, it well be interesting to see the reactions. And there are more videos to view in this series!
      I think what is said in this series probably applies to the Western culture all over the world.
      Pria Viswalingam is a great presenter. We used to see a lot of programs by him on our SBS Channel.

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