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Peter helped me to find the following write up about this Foundation Program. We googled the Collingwood Football Club. There were a lot of websites to be found about this club. Eventually we found the following:


Magpie Nest Housing Program

The Magpie Nest is a partnership between the Collingwood Football Club Foundation and the Safe Exits Project 614 team from the Salvation Army.

Magpie Nest aims to make a genuine difference to the lives of people experiencing homelessness by providing a newtork of services; long term safe and affordable accommodation; and individual case management support.

Magpie Nest targets the most vulnerable people in our community – people sleeping rough on the streets and living in unsafe rooming houses, and provides quality housing, safe accommodation; reduced rents; links to mental health services; and employment and training assistance.

The program currently hosts twenty seven houses with up to 75 places for people in Melbourne. The CFC Foundation hopes to expand the project further with the goal of reaching 50 houses by the end of 2015.

The Salvation Army’s Project 614 Team Case Workers, funded by the State Government, identify and support participants and oversee the day to day operation of the houses. By treating people with respect and care our case workers are able to build relationships and trust. By taking people out of the city and placing them in local communities and a settled home environment we are able to provide our tenants with access to proper health care and support. It also makes it possible for our tenants to seek employment and transition into independent living.

Magpie Nest at Hamadova Cafe

Magpie Nest also partners with the Project 614 team to support the Magpie Nest at Hamadova Cafe, a cafe for homeless people located at Westwood Place behind the Salvation Army at 69 Bourke Street Melbourne.

The cafe provides free meals and direct links to a range of support services for people who are homeless or at risk including free legal advice and representation; housing assistance; and drug, alcohol and mental health services.

Magpie Nest Partners

We are grateful to the following organisations for their generous support of the program:

The Victorian State Government; Westpac; Smile Solutions; Hocking Stuart Real Estate Preston; Good Guys Brighton; Adriatic Furniture.

We are also proud to be a charity of choice for Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck Restaurant at Crown.

Barrawarn Program

The Barrawarn Program is an Indigenous Employment and Education Program managed by the Collingwood Football Club Foundation in partnership with AFL SportsReady. The program commenced in 2012, providing educational and employment support for 15 young indigenous Australians in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

The CFC Foundation is now also working in partnership with the Victorian Government Department of State Development, Business and Innovation to provide full time employment placements.

We are proud to have achieved 35 new work placements for Indigenous Australians over the past 18 months. Collingwood works with the State Government and AFL Sportsready to identify and support organisations to create new Indigenous Employment programs.

We are grateful to the following organisations for their generous support – Westpac, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; Linfox; and the Commission for Child and Young People.

Epworth Hospital Rehabilitation Program

The Collingwood Football Club works closely with the Epworth Hospital to provide support for the Rehabilitation Unit and assist therapy teams. The aim of the program is to help patients and their families adjust to ongoing changes in their lifestyle.

Alan Toovey makes weekly visits to the hospital to assist rehabilitation specialists with programs for patients.  This can involve participating in activities, or simply having a chat. The patients can be in the early stages after emerging from a coma, through to those addressing issues related to their return to community living.

The club also provides the Epworth with tickets to various games throughout the season, to provide patients and their families with some time away from the hospital.


The Collingwood Football Club also supports and works in partnership with a number of other organisations and causes throughout the year including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac Cup); Robert Rose Foundation (Robert Rose Cup); RSL (ANZAC Day game); Royal Children’s Hospital (Good Friday Appeal and various hospital visits); Yuendumu Community Football Club/Industrial Magpies; Collingwood Knights (Reclink competition); Finnan’s Gift; City of Yarra; The Pratt Foundation; Collingwood FC African and Multi-Cultural Programs.

I think you’ll agree that these programs look wonderful. I do wish them every success! If you are in a position to donate to these programs, please, go to here:

6 thoughts on “Foundation Program

  1. This is a wonderful post and I greatly admire the amazing work Collingwood Football Club is achieving. Thank you Aunty Uta for this informative post. Thank you also for your follow! I shall watch with interest what you have up your sleeve. I hope you don’t find some of mine too frivolous. 🙂

    1. On the contrary, Barbara, you might find perhaps something that I write about rather trivial. None the less I think there is for each of us something to communicate. I am of the opinion we should hear in the media more about programs like this Foundation Program! 🙂

  2. Heartwarming – and what a lovely name! I know of a charity in Bangkok for street children called “The house of the homeless bird” (Baan Nok Kamin). Magpie’s Nest sounds similar.

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