Sunday, 22nd of March 2015

This is Mount Kembla among the clouds.
Mount Kembla as well as a lot of clouds.



Since last night it has been raining off and on. Today the temperature is only in the low twenties (Celsius!). Still, we decided, it would be good to have lunch at the Forest Grove Cafe. Last time we went there after lunch and had only coffee there. But we like the place for we can sit there in the open with a view onto the lake. And it is only a very short drive from where we live!

So today, we went for lunch to the Forest Grove Cafe. One of the lunch specials was grilled fish. Both Peter and I ordered this dish. It came with baskets of chips as well as a good selection of salads and a dressing of our choice. We were served a huge platter of food. It was really a bit much for me. After the meal I finally remembered to take a picture of our table with Peter’s camera. Peter had taken the photos of the lake before the meal arrived.

This is only a picture after we had finished our meal.
This is a picture after we had finished our meal.

Yesterday morning I cut  once more a bit of grass  using the big scissors while Peter was doing in the house some vacuuming-cleaning for the weekend. When he was finished, and it was my turn to wipe the floors, I suggested to Peter that maybe he could finish the cutting of the grass while I was wiping the floors. It did not take Peter long, to cut some more of the tall grass. Then he decided, he could really use his push lawn mover to finish cutting the grass properly. By the time I had finished with the wiping of the floors in the house. he had already finished his outside job! From inside I observed how he took to pushing the lawn mover. So I took some pictures of it through one of the windows!




The above is a view through our kitchen window (facing westwards).

I like it that we did get a bit of rain overnight, as well as a bit of drizzle today. Hopefully, very soon our little grass area is going to show a bit of green again. This grass never grows at all when it doesn’t rain enough. It is at the northern side of the house and a lot of very tall trees take the sun away from it in winter. I hope some more grass is going to grow before the dark winter months are upon us! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sunday, 22nd of March 2015

    1. Peter did mow the grass just in time, Ian, for it is raining quite a bit right now. Very dark outside! All this rain might help with renewed growing of grass! 🙂
      Cheers, Uta

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