Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“Malcolm Fraser cites the Melbourne-based Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as providing the kind of support that should be coming from the government. The ASRC, through a small permanent staff and about 900 volunteers, gives asylum seekers help with legal issues, medical care, training, accommodation, food and more.”

You find the above comment here;

“Watch Michael Short’s full interview with former prime minister Malcolm Fraser.”

This interview took place two years ago and was published in THE AGE.


I find it significant that Fraser voiced an opinion that this kind of support like the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre should come from the government!

4 thoughts on “Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

    1. Yea, I feel he really did make a difference to life in Australia. He was a humanitarian. He was a conservative and liberal in the true sense. What he stood for may give some guidance to future generations.

  1. I agree. Given Australia’s willingness to prolong the US imperial wars in the Middle East and Central Asia (by sending troops), they have an ethical and legal obligation (under international treaty) to help shelter the refugees displaced by these conflicts.

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