Security Fears

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari raises national security concerns over the New South Wales government’s plans to privatise electricity assets.

5 thoughts on “Security Fears

  1. Shall be watching the election results with great interest. I hope they don’t privatise electricity in NSW. Here in Victoria it is a disaster since power has been privatised. Prices have rocketed.

  2. I just spent several long minutes browsing your blog. Thank you for leading me to it; it will open a new world for me as I learn about your home. I was also happy to see our Abraham Lincoln featured in one of your posts. I’ll be back often.

    1. You are very welcome, Janet. My home has been Australia since 1959. We never regretted having come to Australia. Our original home town was Berlin. I took some pictures this morning and want to publish them now.
      Cheerio, Uta

  3. Here in New Zealand, we have just been through the nightmare of the National government privatizing our state owned energy companies – despite a referendum in which nearly 2/3 of New Zealanders voted against privatization.

    The result of the privatization has been skyrocketing electricity charges (despite reduced demand), as well as loss of vital revenue (when the power companies were fully state owned) that was used to fund education and health care.

    To make matters even worse, many of the private “shares” in these companies are held by overseas owner. Which means profits and dividends flow overseas – a new loss to the New Zealand economy.

    1. I am sorry, Stuart, that no notice was taken of the results of the referendum. I think to privatize state owned energy companies does not make any sense, none whatsoever. I fear NSW is going the same way, no matter who wins the elections tomorrow.

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