Easter 2015 (continued)

In preparation for breakfast . . .
In preparation for breakfast . . .


For breakfast we had filter coffee, boiled eggs, warm bread rolls out of the oven, as well as some orange juice.
After breakfast at eight we left for the drive to the bottom of Macquarie Pass from where Peter, Caroline and Matthew went on their nice little walk to the waterfall while I stayed outside in the beautiful, warming sun. Towards 11 o’clock we were on the way back home. Matthew was driving. He stopped on the way at a Pie shop in Dapto that was open! Several pieces of cake and a few pies were purchased.

So at eleven at was time for us to have our morning tea and to eat some of the things from the Pie shop. For lunch we had to wait quite a while for Monika and her family were a bit late in arriving. All in all we expected six additional persons for lunch.



Monika came in her car. She has a special child’s seat in her car. Her daughters Tash and Krystal came along too, as well as Tiana, the daughter of Mark. Krystal and Tiana are university students, whereas Tash has a job with the Postal Service. Tash is going to have an engagement celebration this coming Saturday. Krystal turned 18 on Easter Sunday. She had a birthday party the night before her birthday. She started university at the start of this year when she was not even 18 yet. Monica’s daughter Roxy did not come yesterday. But we are going to see her for sure at Tash’s party next Saturday. This is also when we are going to see Troy as well as Ryan and Ebony with their two little sons. It was so lovely that we could see Lucas already yesterday. Tiana kept carrying him. She said he was so cuddly. He did feel a bit tired for a while after they arrived. I think he had already seen Ebony’s parents in the morning and then he was at grandma Monika’s place  for a while. After lunch Lucas went outside for some egg hunting. Everybody watched him as he was doing this! Tash and I took pictures.

Back to lunch now. Caroline and Matthew had earlier baked the leg of lamb.  We had bought this meat, 2.7 kg of it,  at Aldi’s the morning after Peter’s eye op.  It only needed heating. Matthew sliced it. I had cooked some red cabbage the previous day. This also needed just some heating up. Caroline cooked green beans and sweat potatoes. Some other potatoes were baked in the oven together with the meat. Caroline filled up a jug with tap water and set the table with this jug, glasses, plates and cutlery. Peter sat up some extra chairs around the table. I think all I had done was to cut the sweat potatoes and to help with the tablecloth. I also took a few pictures of the lunch table.

In between I had another turn of rapid heartbeat. So I stretched out a bit on the sofa to calm down. A few times I did get a bit short of breath. When this happens, I know, I have to take a rest. I am always worried, others might think, I am just lazy! Anyhow, here are the lunch pictures now;





I served myself only vegies, not meat for me please.
I served myself only vegies, not meat for me please.
Lucas had no problem with counting all this eggs in his basket.
Lucas had no problem with counting all this eggs in his basket.

Yes, he knew at every stage how many eggs there were in the basket. Later on Tiana made him count all the chicks he could see. I think he counted right up to twenty!



The girls left early with Lucas to take him home. Tiana drove. She took Monika’s car. Monika went home later with Mark who had come in his car. He had come a bit later for he first had to do something for his mother.

We had a nice coffee afternoon with Monika, Mark, Caroline and Matthew. We animatedly talked about a lot of things. And we did not even drink one bit of liquor! Nobody thought of doing the dishes that had piled up in the kitchen. I had no idea Caroline and Matthew wanted to travel back to Sydney soon after Monika and Mark left. I thought they would stay till Easter Monday. Nobody had told me they wanted to be home on Sunday already. I am afraid I said in a probably snappish sounding voice: So, you are going to leave us with all the dishes!

Caroline became upset. Peter said she cried. Peter said he could do the dishes. I would not have to do a thing. In the end Caroline and Matthew decided they would catch their train one hour later and do the dishes in the meantime. I was very happy that Peter did not have to do the dishes. I probably could have helped him with putting away some of the dishes. However it would really have been such an effort for us oldies. I felt we needed a more restful evening.

I was very grateful that Caroline and Matthew cleaned up the kitchen. They did it very quickly and efficiently. I thanked them for it before they left and apologised that I had been playing up so much. When Caroline had arrived back in Sydney she sent Peter a message on his phone, saying that she loved us both.

When Peter accused me of treating Caroline like a slave, I felt really awful.

8 thoughts on “Easter 2015 (continued)

  1. Dear Aunty Uta:

    Don’t worry about being snappish. It sounds like you had a lot of company, and that can be stressful (makes us do/say things we would not otherwise.) I hope your heart settles down and you feel better soon.


    1. Dear E, thank you so much for this comment. Peter and I had a relaxing day yesterday. We are back into our normal routine. At our age this seems to be very important. With a cooked meal, I think, we should restrict ourselves to have only four to six people, no more than this. We cannot expect anyone to continuously ‘slave’ in the kitchen! It is not fair to the young people, and we 80 year old ones certainly cannot cope with it even when we do not have to do much in the way of helping. Unfortunately I feel easily stressed out, and then my heart reacts in a mad way. Peter all too easily blames me for everything when he gets stressed out!
      In Australia people usually go for barbecues and salad when there is a get-together with a number of people. Personally I am just happy with tea or coffee and a bit of not too sweet cake or ice-cream and fruit when there are a lot of people. Of course a few cold drinks are good too when it is a hot day! Also some good salads and a bit of cheese for lunch or supper with some drinks can quite easily be organised.
      After lunch yesterday there were a lot of left-overs. I packed these immediately in containers and put them in the fridge. Peter made himself yesterday a nice soup with some of the meat and vegies. The rest ended up in the freezer. I never touched any of the meat. To my nose this ‘lamb’ smelled too much like mutton. Peter agreed that the taste was strong like mutton. But he liked it with all the herbs and spices he added. It had been his wish to get a leg of lamb for Easter. He can only have this when there is company. He would not cook a leg of lamb just for himself!
      Me, I am just happy with vegies. I do not need a lot of meat.
      Ah, last night for supper, Peter had kept for himself a few slices of meat before he froze the rest. These slices he had cold with some bread and
      butter and some mustard on the meat. He said it was nice. 🙂

  2. Such a lovely spread, you did well. I think you did well to speak up, as the young ones don’t realise just how much effort goes into such preparations. I’m sure underneath Caroline was grateful to help you, and really why not? I agree, it makes it hard when the numbers increase.

    1. Thanks, Barbara, I must say, Caroline and Matthew did very well. All the praise for this lovely spread must really go to them. Personally, as an 80 year old, I would never have attempted to invite up to ten people to have a cooked meal at our place. Things like this I leave totally up tp Caroline and Matthew when they stay with us.
      Usually I am still capable to help a little bit more. And usually Peter would have done the dishes while I was wiping them and putting them away. For some reason I felt too out of sorts that night. I feel we just should have done the dishes straight after lunch.
      I can only say, I felt very bad that I upset Caroline so much, when she and Matthew had really gone out of their way to prepare an excellent meal for all of us.
      I agree, the spread did look lovely. I liked all the different colours! 🙂

  3. What is a family day without the normal stuff anyway? So, they had to be reminded you and Peter are no longer spring chickens. But it all seemed to turn out ok.

    I hope you will watch your episodes of “rapid heartbeat.” That’s worrisome.

    1. Yes, Mary-Ann. Everything turned out ok.
      I have suffered from “rapid heartbeat” off and on for several years. I used to be on medication, several different ones. All the drugs were not any good to me, for they tended to result in dangerously low blood pressure.
      The doctor put me then on a 24 hour test that showed my blood pressure stayed very normal for most of the time. There was one incident where I had to run a bit to catch a train. This is when I did get “rapid heartbeat”. However it took only a few minutes and I had calmed sufficiently.
      The doctor decided then I would be better off without any tablets, but to take a rest as soon as I noticed “rapid heartbeat” coming on.
      In my experience besides taking a rest it is also very beneficial to have a glass of water. My lungs are okay and all the blood tests always turn out alright. However I cannot walk fairly fast for very long. After just a few minutes I start panting as though I had been running a marathon!
      I suspect I have somewhat clogged arteries. But at my age this seems to be pretty normal. I just have to take care to do everything slowly.
      I just had another look at your beautiful daffodils, Mary-Ann. They look truly lovely!

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