Berlin July 1945

Whoever filmed all this in July 1945 did a pretty good job in showing what Berliners had to cope with after the end of the war.

Spirit of Berlin 1961

Wonderland Berlin 1991

10 thoughts on “Berlin July 1945

    1. I am truly amazed too, Gerard, what the place looked like so soon after the end of the war. I moved back to Berlin as an eleven year old in April 1946. Our street, the Bozener Strasse, had hardly any war damage. But the buildings in some neighbouring streets, had been totally destroyed by bombs, and in 1946 these still looked very much like all these bombed out places in the above footage. Going to the other footage from 1961 and 1991` you realize that all these years of peacetime have been used well for the rebuilding of Berlin. It also became apparent to us on our more recent visits to Berlin that a lot more new buildings and restorations have been added since 1991. It would be hard for the present generation to imagine what Berlin looked like in 1945 after the end of the war. This footage is indeed an excellent historical document.

      1. I just watched the 1961 footage again, which depicts mainly how a wall had been built to divide the city! But then in the other footage of 1991 you see Berlin soon after the Fall of the Wall. The unification of Berlin, as well as of Germany as a whole soon made a big difference to all Germans. Eventually Berlin became the capital of Germany again which brought more changes to Berlin in the way of the construction of new buildings. I find it amazing that so many buildings a hundred years old and older could be restored. I get the impression that care has been taken to combine the new with the old in a way that it fits harmoniously together.

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