A 30 min. Version of Berlin July 1945

This longer version is even more sensational. July would have been the middle of summer. People were actually going to Strandbad Wannsee and enjoying themselves on the beach and in the water.


TIME published the following on July 09, 1945:

Foreign News: What Is to Be Done?

“With complicated move and countermove, the four occupying powers settled down last week to the task of ruling conquered Germany. A few picked units of British and U.S. troops packed their gear and took off for Berlin, where they would help the Russians garrison the city.

Bulldozers and sweating U.S. engineers finished a bridge across the Mulde. Over it rumbled the Berlin-bound U.S. troops. Soon Russians would cross it in the other direction to take over territory vacated by the Americans. On the Autobahnen of Saxony and Thuringia U.S. vehicles rumbled west and south,…”


And here I want to comment a bit on the above video:

I was at the time in Leipzig, Saxony. I remember how American/Canadian troops occupied Leipzig in the middle of April 1945. Some two months later these troops were replaced by Russian troops. Saxony belonged from then on to the Russian occupied zone,

In the above video you see how Americans look around in Berlin and Potsdam.Berlin was initially taken by Russian forces. Fighting in Berlin stopped on the 7th of May 1945.

However the Western Allies, namely British, American and French forces, eventually did go to Berlin and apart from the Eastern Sector the three Western Sectors of Berlin were established, This would have been in the beginning of July 1945.

In the video a bit of Potsdam is shown, which is a town outside of Berlin in the land of Brandenburg which belonged to the Russian occupied Zone of Germany and remained Russian occupied for a good many years. (Russian troops left Germany soon after the Fall of the Wall in 1989).

In the video American military personal is seen. This was filmed only a few days after they had come to Berlin. Pictures of the Olympic Pool are shown. There is water in the pool and we can see people enjoying themselves around the pool. My guess is that these people maybe are Americans who took over the pool for themselves. Also the people at Strandbad Wannsee are probably Americans. Both the Olympic Stadium as well as Strandbad Wannsee would have been in the American Sector of Berlin.

2 thoughts on “A 30 min. Version of Berlin July 1945

  1. Was looking forward to seeing that video Uta, for some reason it states the video was reset, the link takes me to multiple choices, I don’t see where to view.

    1. Hi Ian, I don’t know, why you cannot view the above video. Peter just checked it in his computer and he said the video works all right for him. Maybe you want to try this URL:


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