Day One after “Zero Hour”

These are very interesting personal memories and a timely reminder about the arrival of Soviet soldiers in Berlin in May 1945.

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The day on which we came out of the dark world of the air raid shelter and back into daylight was Wednesday, the 9th of May 1945. As I mentioned before, after living in the cellar for days on end, the days of the week had no meaning at all. Nobody would give a fig of what day of the week it was. Abnormality had become the norm.

Bombedout people in the streets of Berlin 1945 Bombed out people in the streets of Berlin 

It was more important to us, that the fighting was finally over and we were allowed to be on the streets of Berlin for an extended time. There was still a night curfew in place, but we could, if even only for a short time, resume life. The most important question was, where would the next meal come from?

Most of the women were with their children on their own unless, of course…

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6 thoughts on “Day One after “Zero Hour”

  1. Thank you for reblogging, Aunty Uta. Looking at it with today’s eyes, I would say, we went through terrible times. I was lucky enough not to be scared from the experience. I found it then of great interest to me. Of course then, I had no idea of the big scheme of things.

  2. An incredible record of the past Uta, scenes that must be forever etched in anyone’s memory, who experienced those times.
    There must be a story of how Mr B was moved from the Russian checkpoint and finally end up in a Siberian labour camp.

    1. Even after seventy years, Ian, there are still stories to tell about 1945, a time of great upheaval. Berlioz aka Peter remembers so much about it even though he was barely ten years old at the time. He is going to publish a story about what happened on the 16th of May 1945, his tenth birthday.
      I guess, you have very cold nights in Mildura now. It is very cold here too. The last few days I suffered from some kind of a cold. I try to keep as warm as possible so as to not get this cold back.
      Best wishes for you and Ana from
      Uta and Peter 🙂

  3. What a history of so much pain and suffering. Glad that you survived to tell us from the German side of war. I have been busy painting our town house, two coats on walls and ceiling. It is hopefully the last time! It looks nice and all white!

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