Vivid Sydney 2015

Yesterday evening the family stayed in the city of Sydney for a while to see some of the lighting festival. Peter and I left Sydney a bit earlier. We went back to Dapto on the train. We were home just before 7 pm. We were glad to be home early.

Vivid Sydney is an annual outdoor lighting festival with immersive light installations and projections in Sydney. Part of the lighting festival also includes the performances from local and international musicians and an ideas exchange forum featuring public talks and debates from leading creative thinkers.
The event is held during winter in central Sydney over the course of three weeks in May and June. The centrepiece of Vivid Sydney is the light sculptures, multimedia interactive work and building projections that transform various buildings and landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in and around the Sydney CBD into an outdoor night time canvas of art.[2]
During the 2015 festival, sites of interest were Central Park, Chatswood and the University of Sydney as well as around the CBD, Darling Harbour and The Rocks


Tall feathery reeds glowing with gentle light line a wharf running at right angles to the Opera House. Swaying and bobbing with the movement of the water, the reeds send light dancing across the harbour’s rippling surface.
Tidal Reed Garden

22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight
Campbells Cove, Sydney NSW 2000

Colourful images of Sydney’s flora and fauna are projected onto Customs House, draping the stately sandstone columns and balconies with glowing vegetation and animal life.
Enchanted Sydney
FREE // Circular Quay // 22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight

Orbs of various sizes connected by a framework form an irregular domed structure that shines with gentle blue light. Within the orbs and connecting bars, sparks of light intensify and fade in reaction to the touch and movement of participants.

FREE // Circular Quay // 22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight

FREE // The Rocks // 22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight

FREE // Campbell’s Cove // 22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight

A huge Rococo pig adorned with flowers and filigree sits on an ornate platform. Around it, Rococo piglets stand within a square of four towering chairs decorated with flowers and curlicues.

FREE // The Rocks // 22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight

The darkness of a shipping container narrows to triangular mirrored space in which shifting colours and lights are reflected from all sides, creating an array of patterns stretching into the darkness.
FREE // The Rocks // 22 May – 08 Jun, 06:00 pm – Midnight

Artist: Aura (Gioia Murray and Louise Jarvis)
Country: Australia

Tidal Reed Garden is a bed of artificially produced reeds that float along the line of a harbour wharf. At night the reeds become glowing, sculptural illuminations that cast dancing reflections on the water.

Each reed is shaped to mimic a natural water reed and are animated by the swell of the water, movements in the tide and wash from passing ferries.

Tidal Reed Garden celebrates the beauty and power of elements in nature. Artists Gioia Murray and Louise Jarvis’ approach to the work was developed through their ongoing interest in biomimicry – design that seeks to be sustainable by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.

A small bay on the eastern shore of Sydney Cove, Campbell’s Cove is named after Robert Campbell, a Scottish merchant who arrived in Sydney in the late 1790s and established a highly successful import/export business operated out of storehouses and a jetty on its shores. See what else is happening in Campbell’s Cove


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2 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney 2015

  1. You’re welcome, dear Devon Texas. I just googled some of the information about the festival. When you go to the links you also find some photos. I did not know how to copy them. It would have been exciting to spend some more time in Sydney at night-time. But it would have been a bit much for Peter and me. The young people had a great time walking around in Sydney at night-time. 🙂

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