Uta’s Diary, July 2015

The other day we moved some furniture around. We decided that we could have both our computers in our little computer room. That way we would be close to each other while sitting at our computer tables. This little room is easy to heat. So we save up on heating expenses. For sure this is another bonus, especially now that we suffer such an arctic cold spell!


I love to add little slices of ginger to my ginger tea. It makes for a very good tasting, healthy and warm drink. I only need to cut off tiny, tiny bits of my lovely piece of ginger to make a wonderful drink! 🙂

Our camellia flowers seem to thrive in the cold weather:


12 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, July 2015

  1. Danke für den Einblick in Euer Computerleben am anderen Ende der Welt.
    Nur mit dem Ingwer macht ihr mir keine Freude, denn den mag ich nicht, auch wenn er noch so gesund ist.
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

    1. Liebe Grüsse zurück, Frau T. Wir trinken immer Lemon-Ginger Tea oder Green Tea mit Ginger. Ich füge diese frischen Gingerscheibchen hinzu, damit der Tee etwas mehr nach Ginger schmeckt. Peter verzichtet auch lieber auf den erhöhten Gingergeschmack. 🙂

  2. That looks a very cosy place to work. I agree about ginger, it also aids the digestion and is generally very good for you. Your camellias look like mine in Brittany, which bloom from February to April, when spring arrives – I have a long hedge of them and they are gorgeous.

    1. These camellias, Cat, have such an outstanding colour and are a joy to look at in this bleak winter weather.
      We are happy that this small computer room can be closed off and that it is easy to heat. Our house is really not built for cold wintry weather. Peter’s brother-in-law, who has a very solidly built house in Austria, pointed out to us, that our house looks like a cottage built for summer (eine Laube oder ein Gartenhaus!))
      We have five different electrical heaters. Hardly ever do we switch on all five of them at the same time. But where we need them to keep warm, we switch them on without thinking about the cost!
      My neighbours all have air-conditioning. I do not like air-conditioning. You either spent a fortune to keep the whole house at 20 Celsius, or you feel constantly cold. I feel nice warm being dressed warmly and sitting in front of an electrical heater.

    1. Whether it is a productive room to work in, Elizabeth, remains to be seen! 🙂
      Peter loves it, that he can now be in the same room with me, and that he can talk to me whenever he feels like it while sitting at his computer. 🙂

      1. At least I won’t get bored, Elizabeth. Peter often likes to talk a lot! For me it can have the advantage, that when I have a problem with the computer I can straight away ask Peter for help! 🙂

  3. Great idea on cutting down on heating when in the same room.. 🙂 And I love Fresh ginger too and use in cooking, I will try in tea.. I drink lots of herbal ones and had not thought of adding fresh ginger.. Very warming!..
    Keep snug…
    And yes the Camellia’s flower in Feb time here when its still often cold and frosty.. I haven’t any but several neighbours have and they look great in flower.
    Enjoy your week

    1. Try it in tea, Sue. Fresh ginger in tea makes a lovely drink! 🙂
      According to the forecasts we are still going to have very cold weather this week. I hope, that next week it will be already a bit warmer. Our great-grandson Lucas turns three next Sunday. His parents suggested a family visit to the Zoo in Sydney on that day. We hope we can join them there to see Lucas and meet all the family at the same time. 🙂
      Hugs, Sue, and have a good week!
      Uta 🙂

      1. Will try that Uta.. and the Zoo visit sounds a great family reunion day.. We have rain today a low pressure sitting above us this week.. but its giving us a rest from watering LOL. Enjoy your great-grandson.. 🙂

  4. Will be great to see little Lucas, Sue, as well as Alex, who is ten months and a bit by now.
    I admire you that you are so persistent with all this watering. Sure, some rainy days are very welcome.

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