Wollongong, January 2013

In January 2013 I published these pictures about Wollongong. Peter had to go to the Hearing Clinic on that morning when we took the pictures. This morning I had another look at these pictures. The mall in Wollongong has undergone extensive renovations over the past couple of years or so. Next time we are in Wollongong I’ll try to photograph what the mall looks like now.

This is part of the Wollongong Mall in January 2013
This is part of the Wollongong Mall in January 2013






This is the Hearing Clinic where Peter had to go to on that morning in January 2013.






This display in one of the windows caught my eye
This display in one of the windows caught my eye
We refreshed ourselves with coffee and some water.

It was already getting quite warm on that morning. The following Saturday I wrote  to a blogger-friend in German:

“Wir hatten gestern 45 Grad! Aber jetzt sind es 20 Grad weniger. Ich habe gut ausschlafen können. Peter schläft zur Zeit noch. Er wird aber wohl auch bald aufwachen. Nachdem am Abend eine Abkühlung gekommen war, konnten wir früh zu Bett gehen.

Ich glaube bei uns in der Gegend hatten wir noch nie 45 Grad gehabt. Das muss eine Rekordhitze gewesen sein. Wir hoffen nun, dass es heute nicht wieder derartig heiss werden wird.

Wir wohnen ja nicht weit weg von Sydney. Gestern gegen 15 Uhr hatte Sydney 45.8 Grad. im Westen von Sydney waren kurz nach 14 Uhr 46.5 Grad!!!”

Hier is what this means in English: Where we live we had on that Friday 45 C. Saturday morning it was 20 C less, probably only about 25 C. We could sleep well after the huge heat during the day for by nighttime the temperature had already dropped quite a bit. I said it was probably the first time that the temperature in our area had gone up to 45 C (120 F!!). In Sydney the temperature around 3 pm on Friday was 45.8 C, in the Western Suburbs of Sydney it was 46.5 C soon after 2 pm!!!



8 thoughts on “Wollongong, January 2013

  1. It might get hot again this year. Today was over twenty degrees here in Bowral. The tulips must really like it. Great photos Uta. How are Peter’s hearing aids going? Despite having new ones fitted about six months ago, I miss out on so much conversation and TV. I use the head phones for an exceptional TV show but as for the rest, I just guess at the dialogue.

    1. You could use subtitles, Gerard. When Peter has a problem, he can always go to the Hearing Clinic in Wollongong, and they do their best to help him. They say he should use his hearing aids all the time, but Peter does not like to turn them on when there is too much background noise. Here too, Gerard, we have very mild, beautiful weather at present. I am aware that we might be in for a very hot summer.
      With the temperature right now in the twenties, I should take up a bit of swimming again in Dapto’s solar heated pool. The pool is only a ten minute walk away or Peter can drive me there. At the moment he is preparing for a one hour walk/run, mainly running that is. He’s aiming at a bit over 6 km. When he gets back, we are going to have a bit of lunch.
      I hope I’ll make it to the pool tomorrow. I just have to set my mind to it to leave early in the morning! 🙂
      We plan on having a look at the tulips some time soon! 🙂

  2. Your Mall looks much like the Mall here in Mildura Uta, you might recall it was where we had tea after visiting a few spots around Mildura. Our Mall definitely needs remodeling badly. Interesting to see the temperature back that time when you took the pictures, 45.
    I am predicting an extremely hot Summer this year.

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