Spiegel Interview


Jane Goodall Interview: ‘Even Chimps Understand Sustainability’

Interview Conducted By and Johann Grolle

Jane Goodall spent years observing chimpazees in the wild. She discovered that the animals can murder and wage war. As an environmentalist, the British activist now spends more time observing humans. She says she still has hope in people.

5 thoughts on “Spiegel Interview

  1. Danke liebe Ute ich hoffe es geht dir gut,bin auch wieder zurück nach vielen Chemos kann immer noch nicht so viel machen aber so langsam geht es muss halt Geduld haben.Liebe Grüße noch von mir und bleib Gesund.Gislinde

  2. Ja, liebe Gislinde da brauchst du schrecklich viel Geduld. Aber so langsam wird es schon wieder besser werden. Ich versuche immer alles langsam zu machen. Wenn ich mal etwas zu schnell mache, komme ich leicht ausser Puste. Aber das ist wohl altersbedingt.
    Recht liebe Grüsse von mir, Uta

  3. “Goodall travels around the world 300 days a year as part of her efforts as a champion of the environment. The Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots youth program is active in more than 130 countries. The 81-year-old Briton is also a United Nations Messenger of Peace and carries the title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. She’s been so busy over the past 20 years, she says, that she hasn’t even managed to sleep in the same bed for more than three weeks at a time.”

    “SPIEGEL: You once said that you can only retire once the world is safe …

    Goodall: … which means I can’t retire.

    SPIEGEL: Really?
    Goodall: Well, eventually, I guess, I won’t have a choice. At some point, my body will collapse. But I hope that my brain will still be working so that I can carry on with writing.”

    I think so too, Linda, her optimism is quite remarkable!

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