About American Wars


American Wars: Illusions and Realities


March 15, 2008

by Paul Buchheit (Editor)

When Americans hear that the US country may go to war against another nation, we generally believe there’s probably a good reason for it or that no viable alternatives exist–or we don’t think about it at all. We trust our leaders to represent us and defend our values. We accept their claims that war is to ensure our safety when others who wish to harm us. The mediareassures us that our reasons for war are altruistic — but is all this really true?, that we wish to spread democracy and allow others to adopt our way of life. But is this the case? This book examines the realities of American wars how American values are manipulated to gain support for initiatives contrary to our ideals and well-being of our country Are we fighting for the right reasons? Can we trust the government, military, and media to deal honestly with the American people? Do we know the full costs of war to ourselves and to others? Are there undue benefits or inequitable losses to anyone involved? What is the human face of the enemy? Is the world a better place because of our wars? can we as world citizens resolve our differences in a better way? This book seeks to provide insight into basic American misconceptions about war.

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One thought on “About American Wars

  1. It was largely because of this hypocrisy that I emigrated from the US to New Zealand in 2002. I had fought the hypocrisy via grassroots community organising for more than 20 years and reached a point I could no longer support it with my taxes.

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