“The War Still Rages Within”


Published on Sep 27, 2015

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Per request, here is my cover of “The War Still Rages Within” from the video game Metal Gear Rising: RE Vengeance. There is a lot of bass in this one, so those of you who have good sub-woofers will get the best experience. 🙂 I am singing lead vocal, and I played and arranged all the music using my midi-keyboard. I went a little over-board with the guitar riffs, but I was having such a blast that I couldn’t stop! *hehe* And I also added a few lyrics of my own (the last two verses). This was pure fun! ^^ ♥ I made a lot of mistakes. I hope you’ll excuse them. Thank you for watching! 😀 I hope you enjoy it! The background footage is from the video game “The Evil Within” (PC).

Lyrics: “The War Still Rages Within”

Looking down on the cars on the highway,
The stream of tail-lights.
Everybody advancing together,
To so willingly sacrifice rights.
When people accept the cogs in the system,
Give up free will, conform,
Individual pieces of dust swirl together,
And become a full storm!

Looking down on the burgeoning city,
The skyscrapers rise.
Even men with the greatest intentions,
Start believing their own lies.
We can borrow from the future,
But eventually someone’s got to pay!
The only way out of the cycle,
Is to strike out and pave your own way!

We all fight our own fight.
Will you fuel the desire to win?
Always struggling with the truth,
Of the life that might have been!
But no matter how jagged your path is,
You’ll always come back to the road.
When the dust of battle settles,
The war still rages within!

As decisions unearth right before you,
Be careful the path that you choose.
Our actions build privilege or consequence,
The importance of safe-keeping truth!
When you feel that your voice has no power,
That peace can no longer contend;
Just remember that small acts of kindness,
Will spark and ignite into flames!

No matter the pressures before us,
The choice is always our own!
No matter how small or forgotten,
We all play a part, have a role!
It’s the details, the small things that matter,
A smile, a friendship, a helping hand!
Let the goodness of virtue and mercy,
Guide you wisely as we take our stand!

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