Uta’s Diary, October 2015


A week ago on Tuesday Peter said he had to clean out the gutters that go along the sides of the house. After having previously cleaned out the gutters along the back of the house – https://auntyuta.com/2015/10/07/utas-diary-early-october-2015-continued/ – he felt confident he would be able to do the same with the gutters on the sides. A bit of a challenge was the shed on the one side of the house. But I think what he could not reach from standing on the ladder, he was able to hose off finally. It was good that he was able to use plenty of water for this.




After Peter finished with this side of the house, we had a little tea-break. It was an overcast morning again. Just as well, that it did not get very hot and Peter had no trouble finishing off the other side that still needed doing. Luckily at the front of the house the gutters seemed to be fairly clean still for there are no huge trees reaching over the front of the house.



The high grass on this side of the house has been trimmed recently!
The high grass on this side of the house has been trimmed recently!

Peter asked our body co-operative gardener the other day whether he could cut our grass. He did it in no time at all and asked only 20 Dollars for it. In the meantime Peter was able to cut the regrowth with his push-mover.




The following day, Wednesday, was Croom Oval time again. Here are still a few pictures I took on that day last week:

IMG_1278 (2)



On the way home
On the way home

4 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, October 2015

    1. Elizabeth, I think Peter agreed a bit reluctantly to this short ginger tea break. I had a cuppa too! Of course it turned out that Peter was really quite happy with this tea-break. Naturally, he soon wanted to push on to finish the job for the day.

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