A Letter from the GetUp team: Mourning Paris, Beirut and all victims of mass violence‏

The following is a letter (email) from the GetUp team:

Mourning Paris, Beirut and all victims of mass violence
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“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.”
Mahatma Gandhi, “Young India”, Jan. 8, 1925.

Dear GetUp community,

This weekend our hearts and minds are with all those impacted by terrible violence, both on our front pages and outside the spotlight of our media.

We know in coming days, we will hear from voices calling us to division, not unity. These voices will call on us to close our minds and shut our hearts.

It’s our job not to let them.

It is up to us to make our voices of compassion, of love and of generosity, defiantly drown out those who would have us turn to fear. From the airwaves to the kitchen table, each of us will play a role.

Together, we must help hope triumph.

The GetUp team

PS – We’ll be in contact in the coming days. But if you want to share your message of hope or compassion now, you can join the conversation in the comments here or write to us at info@getup.org.au.
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Our team acknowledges that we meet and work on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We wish to pay respect to their Elders – past, present and future – and acknowledge the important role all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within Australia and the GetUp community.

Authorised by Paul Oosting, Level 14, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

10 thoughts on “A Letter from the GetUp team: Mourning Paris, Beirut and all victims of mass violence‏

  1. Glad to read that Beirut was also mentioned. We seemed to focussed on Paris and less so on Lebanon. All victims of mass killings should be mourned. I hate to think how many people got killed last night when France bombed a city held by Isis.
    Peace has to be the only answer.
    Good post Uta.

    1. Yes, Elizabeth, it is terrible for so many innocent people who are affected by this violence, And at the back of our minds we think it could happen to us! Nonetheless, I think we should show love, not hostility towards people who flee violence like this.

  2. Odd, how Turnbull praised Australia on being the worlds greatest multi-cultural and tolerant country in the world. Today, there are 5 articles on the ABC Drum on Paris yet none on the Beirut massacre. It is odd because there are far more people form Lebanon living in Australia than from France. All massacres are horrible. Yesterday was a national day of mourning in Lebanon as well. I wonder how many relatives of those killed in Lebanon are living in Australia.

    1. Gerard, I am also thinking about what the people in Syria have suffered for many years. I found the following in an article by

      ANNE BARNARDNOV. 15, 2015,, that was published by The NEW YORK TIMES;

      “Imagine if what happened in Paris last night would happen there on a daily basis for five years,” said Nour Kabbach, who fled the heavy bombardment of her home city of Aleppo, Syria, several years ago and now works in humanitarian aid in Beirut.

      “Now imagine all that happening without global sympathy for innocent lost lives, with no special media updates by the minute, and without the support of every world leader condemning the violence,” she wrote on Facebook. Finally, she said, ask yourself what it would be like to have to explain to your child why an attack in “another pretty city like yours” got worldwide attention and your own did not

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