Uta’s Diary, 20th November 2015, Queen Rania’s Views. And how to drink Red Wine!

Queen Rania: Let’s Drop The First ‘I’ In ISIS. There’s Nothing Islamic About Them


Posted: 07/03/2015 LONDON — Queen Rania of Jordan said Thursday evening that there is nothing Islamic about the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.

She was speaking with Huffington Post Editor-In-Chief Arianna Huffington as a part of The WorldPost Future of Work Conference.

Here is an extract of what Queen Rania said in this interview in March. For the full interview please go to the above links:

“Queen Rania said she thought there are different reasons people join ISIS, including desire for a sense of belonging, for adventure, for a job and/or for the religious rhetoric. She said she sees it as a pyramid:

At the top of the pyramid are those who actually generate that ideology, and I think they’re the worst. Fanaticism and extremism exists in every religion but it always remains on the fringes. And I think what makes it drift to the mainstream is the fact that they were supported. Some did support them with money, and they provided them with the infrastructure, which allowed them to then spread that ideology a lot more.
At the middle of the pyramid are those who … [believe] that there’s a political injustice. That they don’t have a stake in their own societies. That there’s no justice. And I think at the bottom of the pyramid are those who are probably uneducated and suffer from poverty and unemployment, and they are the most vulnerable. Apart from those on the top, it’s vulnerability that makes people fall prey to their kind of rhetoric.
Because there are different reasons why people join, she said, the fight against ISIS needs to be undertaken at different levels — including militarily. “But this can’t just be won on the battlefield,” she said. “At the heart of this war is ideology, and you cannot kill an ideology with a bullet. You can only kill it with a better idea.”

I think this pyramid of reasons is very well explained. Last night we opened a bottle of red wine. I had been a hot day. Our room temperature was still 27C. Our motto was always to drink red wine at room temperature. What if the temperature was well above 20C? I urged Peter to keep the opened bottle in the fridge. This morning I happened to notice an article about red wine in the Huffington Post. Here you can read it:


Among other things they say in this article: “Red wine drinkers, prepare to have your minds blown — when a winemaker says you should serve at ‘room temperature’, they’re not talking about the temperature of an Australian room.

The antiquated term dates back to medieval French drawing rooms which were about 14-16˚C and the average Aussie living room is closer to 20˚C.

So basically our wine-drinking habits are the European equivalent to drinking warm beer.”

11 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, 20th November 2015, Queen Rania’s Views. And how to drink Red Wine!

  1. A great post. A better idea needs to take the place of a ‘bad idea’. The call to our youth to go for adventure and become a jihadist and reap the reward of a glorious death seems the attraction that many all over the world are following.

    Could the loss of hope and purpose amongst some youth be the reason?

    If the boredom and inevitability of a ‘normal’ life’ in the suburbs with job, marriage, own fenced off home, and trips to the super-market and Bunnings is all to look forward to, many might get sucked in the jihadist ideology. Perhaps a more spiritual life is what they instinctively seek. I don’t mean a religious life but a life based on art, beauty and above the mundane’. Where can they find that at present?

    Is all this terrorism a reflection or response to western capitalism gone mad and proof of a dead end the same as the jihadists explosions and killings are?

    1. Thanks very much for this comment, Gerard. I am all for it that the young people should aim for a life based on art, beauty and above the mundane, as you say. I assume most of the young ones who got killed in Paris on 13th November had very much a life like this. For some reason especially people like this were targeted by Isis.
      I wonder if Otis (Occupied Territories of Iraq and Syria) could be said instead of “Isis”? We really should not regard these “Isis” people as Moslems. The way they act they are far from being Moslems. Does Islam not have something like excommunication?
      I like this statement by Queen Rania that you cannot kill an ideology with a bullet. You can only kill it with a better idea.

      1. Liebe Gislinde, wir sahen gestern, am Samstag, ein schönes Theaterstück in Sydney. Heute ist also Sonntag. Aber immer noch nicht Adventsonntag! Muss also noch eine Woche warten bis zum ersten Advent. Aber ich denke, Weihnachten kommt dann wirklich schnell genug. Also, liebe Gislinde, ich hoffe du hast ein recht schönes Wochenende und viel Freude an der Vorweihnachtszeit! Ganz liebe Grüsse, deine Uta. 🙂

    1. Yes, we sometimes might think that the extreme cruelty meted out by Isis is an invention by those on the fringes of Islam. Not all that long ago Robespierre used to delight the French ‘peuple’ in much loved public shows of beheadings. Many men and women used to bring their fold-op chairs and watched the heads roll into the buckets while women were knitting baby booties. Of course his head also ended in the bucket. That’s how it went and still does.
      Of course there were burnings on stakes for the unbelievers. The hanging of children from London bridges for stealing a loaf of bread. The list goes on…and so often in the name of religion.

    2. He, Stuart, the Christians indeed used to be a murderous lot, right? I believe in our day and age Christians are kind of divided: Extremism on one side, rejection of extremism on the other. Who on earth can live up to the creed: “Love thy neighbour”?
      Thanks for the link, Stuart. To consolidate power seems to be what is important for a ruler. Otherwise he is not able to rule, is he now? Assad was not able to consolidate power, and look, where Syria is now!
      Where is democracy?

    3. I agree, Gerard, it is hilarious what is done in the name of religion. Future generations might very well joke about it, the same as we feel that past generations behaved in an incomprehensible way. Imagine women knitting baby boots while watching hangings! We can only joke about something like this.

    1. Thanks, Janet. In winter we like hot red wine with some spices in it. In Germany you can buy this hot wine (Gluehwein) on the Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) when it is very cold outside and people need something to warm them up! 🙂

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