NotMs Parker writes how “it is quite painful to be confronted with often negative and disparaging comments about what life in Eastern Europe before 1989 must have been like.”
There is a great BBC film included about life in East Germany which provoked NotMsParker’s post.


2 thoughts on “THE LOST WORLDS

  1. A good post and so true, Aunty.
    People still managed to make a life, no matter how or where. It often amazes me how in the most miserable of circumstances, people’s spirits still survive and at times thrive. It is a cliché I know, but wealth and poverty seldom determine how we feel.
    I am always annoyed when people push their dogmatic belief on how a country ‘is the best’ in the world. Our PM is now promoting to improve Syria so that those millions of refugees can go back home. That is a sensible thing to achieve, he said. “No one wants to leave their own homes voluntarily’, he said.
    Yet, that wasn’t even thought about when Australia actively promoted for people to migrate to Australia, hundreds of thousands left home and hearth in the fifties and sixties from European countries. Many of those countries soon became far more progressive and achieved levels of well-being, possibly better than here now in Australia.

    The ‘best country’ is relative, isn’t it?

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