Kiama Harbour on Saturday, 19th of December 2015
Kiama Harbour on Saturday, 19th of December 2015

Yesterday, When the temperature in Dapto reached close to 35 Degrees (Celsius) Peter suggested we could escape to Kiama for some ice-cream. Well, in Kiama they catch fish, don’t they? And at Kiama Harbour is a fish-cafe where one ought to be able to get fantastically fresh fish. We set off before lunch to try our luck for getting some yummy, fresh fish.

The climate in Kiama was much to our liking. Our car told us, the outside temperature was ‘only’ 30 Degrees. When we got out of the car, there was a lovely sea-breeze. This was just perfect weather for a summer holiday. Lots of tourists and visitors were around in Kiama. When we cued up at the fish-cafe we noticed quite a few Asian tourists. Peter says, they did not hesitate to spend 70 Dollars on a basket of fish and chips! But you could of course also get smaller portions. Ours was only thirteen Dollars.


DSCN0477 (2)



DSCN0457 (2)





Peter fed the rest of my fish to the seagulls. Here they've had already their fill.
Peter fed the rest of my fish to the seagulls. Here they’ve had already their fill.




DSCN0476 (2)


Kiama Harbour was just beautiful on a day like this. We spent about an hour there. By one o’clock we were back in Kiama’s main street and were looking for a parking spot. Peter found some parking near the police station and got out of the car to take some pictures of the surrounding buildings. I took some picture from inside the parked car:




Then Peter found another parking spot closer to the shops. It was close to some shops, but the ice-cream shop was still quite some distance away. Where we had parked, we could smell some coffee. And there was a nice sitting area under umbrellas outside. We noticed a display of yummy cakes. So we sat down outside and a friendly girl came to take our orders. Apart from flat white coffee and cake we also asked for some water, which arrived in a beautiful blue bottle.


This is our car.
This is our car.



We ended up driving home without having had any ice-cream. Well, we can go back to Kiama some other day for that yummy ice-cream in Kiama. I am sure the great Australian Ice-Creamery is still going to be there when we go there next time.  

6 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding-Anniversary

    1. We were in Wollongong today. It rained, and rained and was pretty cold with a bit of wind. Back in Dapto it was a little bit warmer, but still it rained a lot here too. What is it going to be like for Christmas? I wonder.

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