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DSCN0429Early in the morning of December 24th our son Martin had arrived in Moss Vale by train from Melbourne. His connecting railway coach to take him down MacQuarie Pass had not waited because his train was one hour late in Moss Vale. However there was another railway bus a bit later which went through several highland towns to pick up passengers  to Albion Park Rail, Dapto and Wollongong. So Martin arrived in Dapto a bit later than expected. It was good to have Martin here for breakfast. A bit later Caroline and Matthew arrived from Sydney to spend the Christmas days with us.

On Christmas Eve we had also all our local family at our place for our Christmas Eve celebrations. I think we were 16 people in all, our two little darling great-grandsons included. Martin, Caroline and Matthew were with us at our house till Monday, the 28th of December. Martin, Peter and I left early on that Monday morning to travel in our car to Martin’s place in Essendon (Melbourne). Martin and Peter could take turns in driving the car. That meant we had some smooth travelling. After having had Christmas Day on Friday, and after that Saturday and Sunday, the Monday when we left for Melbourne was actually a public holiday, the so called ‘Boxing Day’.

Here I mentioned our stop at YACKANDANDAH on our way to Melbourne:


We had of course other stops too. For instance we stopped near here:


This is the place where grandson Ryan and Ebony stopped with their children on the same day on their way to Adelaide. We knew that they would stop there, but we were not sure what time they would be there. So we did not see them. However Peter received pictures of them on Facebook later on. During their whole trip to Adelaide Ebony sent some lovely pictures of the boys. These pictures told us, that the little ones were enjoying the trip very much.

While we stayed with Martin in Essendon for the last few days of the year, Caroline and Matthew stayed at our house in Dapto. On New Year’s Eve we had a very good dinner at an Indian restaurant near where Martin lives.

Martin, Uta and Peter at an Indian Restaurant on New Year's Eve 2015,
Martin, Uta and Peter at an Indian Restaurant on New Year’s Eve 2015,

On Wednesdy, 30th of December,  we had visited grandson Tristan and Stephanie and their daughters Kia and Jakie:


This visit was last year’s highlight! We also did get to know Stephanie’s brother on that day.

We had planned on resting on Friday, which was New Year’s Day. We thought if we started driving back on Saturday, we would be arriving back home on Sunday. But before year’s end we had decided changed our mind about leaving on Saturday.  We wanted to leave instead already on Friday. We were planning on staying overnight somewhere on the way home.

After Martin had made us again a lovely breakfast and helped us to pack our things in the car, we departed already Friday morning. I must say,  it had been great to stay with Martin for a few days. He always looks after us beautifully. We very much like visiting him. But we knew, he had to go back to work soon. So it was just as well that he had a bit of time without his parents before going back to work.

We had packed a powerful drink for our trip with some caffeine in it. Martin had also packed us some hot coffee in a thermos.  Peter was the sole driver since I do not have a driver’s license any more.  Soon Peter’s homing instinct took over. He did not get tired during the whole trip back home. He decided we did not need to stay overnight somewhere. He wanted to drive straight back home instead. So it happened we arrived home already Friday night and Caroline and Matthew were still at our place. Matthew stood outside when we arrived. He was quite a sight in his comfortable sarong from Bali.  They had prepared dinner  Both Caroline and Matthew were very happy to see us. There was lots to talk about. It looks they are planning to help us quite a bit in the New Year. More about this later.

Our Christmas Tree has not been packed away yet. We usually leave it up till the 6th of January. I always think of the song: Twelve days of Christmas! I found today Pam’s blog about the Epiphany:


She writes:

” . . . . .   For western Christians, Christmas carries on until Epiphany, which is when we remember the arrival of the magi at the nativity.   . . . . .”


I also spent some time with what Gerard Oosterman had written  He is about to publish all his writing in a book and is looking for a title. So far his decision is to call the book: Vignettes. I tried to find out a bit more about it by googling the word ‘vignette’.


Autobiography and Truth
“All autobiographies are lies. I do not mean unconscious, unintentional lies; I mean deliberate lies. No man is bad enough to tell the truth about himself during his lifetime, involving, as it must, the truth about his family and friends and colleagues. And no man is good enough to tell the truth in a document which he suppresses until there is nobody left alive to contradict him.”
(George Bernard Shaw, Sixteen Self Sketches, 1898)

Examples of Vignettes

Here is a bit more about the function of vignettes:


Function of Vignette

We often find vignettes in creative writing, as it provides description to achieve an artistic effect. However, we also see its usage in prose and poetry. Writers use this device to explore a character, and describe the setting of a scene, etc. Vignettes give deeper understanding of texts, as writers densely pack them with imagery and symbolism. Besides, it increases writers’ language proficiency, as they use their language to its fullest by employing imagery to get a certain color and mood. Hence, the nature of vignettes is evocative and put an impact on the senses of readers















december 20 our place We had arrived at our son’s place o

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2016

  1. Thank you Uta for your descriptions of ‘vignettes’. I am again re-reading my bits and pieces. Try and make it snappier. Shorter sentences and less flourishes. Already lots of advice. We are getting ready for Nelson’s Bay with daughter and grandsons.
    The rain should have gone by then.
    All the best for you and Peter.

    1. Thanks for the update, Gerard. At the moment I try to get on top of accumulated papers and photos among other things. It is a huge task, and I do need frequent breaks. I tell myself, I can take my time. I do not have to hurry. I do only as much as I feel comfortable with. But I am determined to get some kind of order into everything, like throwing out stuff we do not need anymore.
      Have a great holiday! Best wishes
      Uta and Peter.

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