Uta’s Diary, towards the end of February 2016

Yesterday was another very hot day. A couple of days ago we had a beautiful full moon. With the next full moon we’re going to have Easter within sight. I am so looking forward to have Lucas and Alexander around for Easter!

I reblogged yesterday this article about the research they did at UCLA (University California Los Angeles) concerning the disease of dementia, and especially Alzheimers. I found out that dementia and even Alzheimers can be controlled by adopting a very healthy life-style.

From memory I write down now a few things that seem to be very important for good health. If at all possible one should try to live without too much stress, eat only healthy food, sleep enough during the night, namely at least 6 to 7 hours, eat the last thing three hours before one goes to bed, and eat the next thing in the morning after at least 12 hours have passed since having eaten in the evening.

To be continued.


2 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, towards the end of February 2016

  1. As I read your list of healthful activities, I recognized that I do my best to do those things you listed. I’ll look forward to comparing my behavior with other things you might mention when you continue.

    1. Thanks, Janet. I wrote yesterday’s post on the run, trying to work out some of the things I could remember about this article.
      Here you can find this article about the research by UCLA:


      This article is actually written by health coach MARGIE KING, She says among other things “A new program from UCLA and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging offers new hope. In the first study of its kind, researchers have proved that natural therapies can not only slow the progress of dementia but can actually reverse it.”

      I intend to go back to Margie’s article when I have a bit more time!

      (I wonder, why is it, that a pensioner is always running out of time?}

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