Peter and I, we both looked yesterday at two articles in ZEIT ONLINE. These articles are written in German by

Reading these articles prompted us to think once more about how WW2 affected us. We both came to the conclusion that we did not experience anything that would have caused us some trauma. Both our fathers survived the war, but we agreed that both our fathers most likely would have gone through traumatic experiences during the war. Both our parents’ marriages ended up in separation and divorce after the war.


Peter has written a number of blogs about his experiences during and after the war. On the 16th May 1945, soon after the end of the war in Germany,  Peter turned ten. Now, more than 70 years later, Peter still remembers amazingly much about 1944 and 1945, and as I said, he has written about it. You may find some of his blogs here:


Following is a link to the blogs that I wrote about my childhood during World War Two and after:


Matthias Lohre writes about how badly millions of people had been affected by the War. Yes, millions and millions of people. And a lot of readers wrote comments on this subject.  I read only a few of the comments, there are just too many. But just reading some of the comments, one becomes aware how badly even second and third generations have been affected by the traumatic experiences of their parents or grandparents.


Even if Peter and I have not been affected personally by traumatic war experiences so I must say that as children and later young adults we were very much aware how much suffering the war had caused. Some families were totally or nearly totally wiped out because of the holocaust, military casualties or bombing raids on civilians. o All survivors from families with such traumatic experiences were experiencing trauma themselves and even the next generation became very aware that the parents were affected by war.


I wonder, how many people, alive today, have never been affected by war? Wars continue to be fought in a lot of countries and a lot of continents. The refugee crisis is now worse than ever. Is mankind going backwards? The few people, who are not affected by wars, do they not ever consider how wars affect the rest of humanity? For as long as some of us can live in peace, we do not care what is being done to the rest of humanity? How can we be so selfish? Has it just got to do with a survival wish?


Or is it just a feeling that we have no power to stop wars? But at least we can voice an opinion that we do not want all these wars, can’t we? I really do wonder whether mankind has any chance that some true peacekeepers with a lot of power will come to the fore once more to stop all this fighting! Well, for as long as there is life, there is hope! Or is there?




  1. I often wonder if we are degressing rather than progressing. Perhaps it is because we have nearly reached the point at which the planet can no longer support our increasing numbers. War & cruelty are ways of (brutal) of thinning the population, since we’ve interfered with nature’s way of weeding out the ill and weak.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Linda, I think with our modern technology we can keep the ill and weak alive for a long time. This is probably why populations increased at an immense speed to a very high level. Something like this never happened in our known history. There were always wars throughout our history, and I think wars were always kind of brutal. But our war machinery and weapons became more and more sophisticated. This kind of worries me. I guess it is impossible to go against so called ‘progress’. And of course some very good things were developed as well. We come more and more aware, these ‘good things’ can be used also for the destruction of all of us. Populations never lived in total ‘security’. But this time the destruction could be on a global scale and extremely intensive.

      1. I wonder, Linda, what makes people into “nutcases” in the first place?
        Is it in their genes, in their upbringing, in their environment? Do they feel they have to compete, that they have the right to exploit others, that they have the right to a good life above everyone else? I don’t know – – –

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