Extract from an AIM Interview with Malcolm Turnbull

This interview, according to our prime minister, shows how important it is to look after the rich. This for sure gives people an incentive not to be poor. Indeed, why do we have to pay foreigners to do the sort of work Australians could do if only they had the wish to become rich!


” . . . . After all, we live in a capitalist system and that’s something that the Labor Party don’t seem to understand. It’s only by looking after the rich that people have an incentive not to be poor and then they’ll take on the sort of work that we now have to pay foreigners to do.”
“I did get your letter, thanks. I noticed that it told us that Export Trade Deals would generate 19,000 new export opportunities and you said that 200,000 more jobs would be created in the next financial year. Where did you get those numbers from?”
“Well, it’s common sense really.”
“So you’ve just plucked them out of the air.”
“No, we put them down on paper.”
“But why, did you say 19,000 opportunities?”
“Well, it seemed like a pretty good number. We’re being conservative because we could have said that as there are billions of people in the countries we’ve negotiated trade deals with that there are billions of opportunities, but that sounded too much like we were just making it up.”
“But did you do any economic modelling?”
“Of course not, economic modelling is far too costly and theoretic and it’s far better to go for the tried and true method of using a number that’s small enough to be believable but still big enough to be impressive.”

2 thoughts on “Extract from an AIM Interview with Malcolm Turnbull

  1. Sounds to me like Turnball has his head stuck in the 19th century when the robber barons ran the world. Most politicians and economists learned over 100 years ago that vast inequality kills capitalism – when workers have insufficient money to buy the products they produce, the wheels of commerce grind to a halt.

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