Putin Warnings

5 thoughts on “Putin Warnings

  1. Germany has now followed Japan and Switzerland in selling Government bonds giving a negative return. If this keeps going, we will have to start paying the banks in order to keep our savings, the good thing is that when borrowing money we will get paid interest by the banks instead of paying them.

    1. Gee, Gerard, that is funny. How can a super aged person still adjust to a world like this?
      Anyhow, I think the danger for the world are among other things the games NATO plays with the Russian Bear!

  2. If you think Obama is scary, wait till Trump walks onto the international stage. I agree that Putin is a major threat to world peace. America’s recent history of dealing with foreign despots is not good. But to be honest, there is nothing in what this guy is blathering about that sounds remotely helpful or insightful. He’s a conspiracy theorist and a fear monger.

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