Romesh Chandra (30 March 1919 – 4 July 2016)

From Wikipedia:

” . . . . Chandra became the General Secretary of the All-India Peace Council in 1952 and continued that position till 1963.[4] In 1953 he joined the World Peace Council, becoming its General Secretary in 1953 and its president in 1977.[1] He addressed the United Nations many times, the most times of any Indian.[5] The World Peace Council gave Chandra its F. Joliot-Curie Gold Peace Medal in 1964. The Soviet Union in 1968 presented him with the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace among Nations and again honoured him by conferring the Order of Friendship of Peoples in 1975.[1] In 1971, he criticized the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a “great threat to world peace”.[6] During the Assembly of the World Peace Council held at Athens in 2000, Chandra was elected as its “President of Honour”.

. . . . Around 3 p.m. IST on 4 July 2016, Chandra died in Mumbai of old age at the age of 97.”

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