Hillary Clinton: I’m running for Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia, Soros, Rothschild & Monsanto (Links Galore!)

All this information makes my mind boggle!
Can anyone tell me, who Americans can vote for to get a president of their choice? The whole world is interested in seeing who becomes the next president of the USA. I am Australian and I reblog this on my blog

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: I’m running for Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia, Soros, Rothschild & Monsanto (Links Galore!)

  1. I’d prefer big banks to the NRA. Remember, biggest donors implies access to largest amounts of money. Who else but banks?

    I’m really tired of the Hillary bashing. She’s not my favorite person. But over the long haul of her life, she has devoted herself to women’s rights, human rights & healthcare funding, all of which are deeply important to me. Besides that, she’s proven herself adept at international relations and she understands political power like few other people.

    No one candidate is going to be perfect. We all need to remember that. This year, Americans have a completely clear choice between styles and substance of presidential candidates.

  2. I think it’s pretty obvious from the way the Democratic primary was rigged to deny Bernie Sanders the Democratic candidacy that the voting system is rigged to make sure that only candidates friendly to the ruling elite can be elected. There are now at least 3 lawsuits against the individuals and groups responsible for the vote rigging. Unfortunately that won’t change the outcome at the Democratic Convention. Our only hope now is that Hillary Clinton will be indicted as a result of one of more of the criminal investigations against her.


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