First Day of Spring 2016, Uta’s Diary

Here in Australia it is the first day of spring today. I just discovered in SPIEGEL ONLINE INTERNATIONAL the following interview:

Expert on MH370 Disappearance: ‘There Is Absolutely No Mystery To What Happened’

Interview Conducted by Marco Evers

Some time ago Marco Evers did another interview about the disappearance of MH370:

So, what really happened? Will we ever know for certain?


I want to come back now to some of the verses I saw in Canberra in the National Museum. Before we entered the museum, we asked whether we were allowed to take pictures. We were told yes, we could take pictures, but only for personal use.
Some pictures I took of these verses, turned out all right, others are too blurred. I have to learn to wait for the right moment before I take a picture. I wished, I could do the blurred pictures again! Well, maybe some other time (!).






DSCN2118 (2)









One thought on “First Day of Spring 2016, Uta’s Diary

  1. Trying to read the verses from the bottom up

    Passion: Nothing

    Change: Nothing

    Hope: To hope is to dream of what might or will be
    of the possible and the mere possible – hope against hope
    To hope is to strive for the best, To build on glimmers of new beginnings
    To hope is never to give up. To remain expectant
    against hopes dashed, disappointments, falsities.
    To hope is to believe there is a way.

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