Eat Natural to Stay Healthy

How do you like this rule: Plenty of of exercise and eating no processed or junk food. Wouldn’t this be worth a try?

3 thoughts on “Eat Natural to Stay Healthy

  1. I find it really ironic to go to the supermarket and see a fraction of an aisle devoted to “health food.” I can’t believe supermarket managers don’t see how bad this looks. Ten feet of healthy food in contrast to aisles and aisles of unhealthy food.

  2. Ironic as we get older we start to read the label on things, and start to check out ingredients, whereas in younger days we ate with our eyes closed and still we grew healthy and strong.

  3. I still believe healthy eating does not need be expensive. I mean, lentils, zucchinis, carrots and sardines or salmon cutlets for a family of five are far cheaper to buy that five big Mack’s. I can’t understand how people can drink a fizzy drink or Coke with a meal. But, many people do.

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