All I had to do was place the form under his door, and then he would sign it for me.

This is what the Care Plan Sister had told me. So the General Practitioner did sign it for me when I went to the Medical Centre on Monday. The following day was my appointment with the podiatrist. An appointment with the podiatrist goes  for  thirty minutes.  I  asked, how much a  session like this was worth.  She  said sixty-one Dollars. The Care Plan Sister had told me that I am entitled to five sessions per year. I do not have to pay for it at all. What a great saving this is for  me! I love  it.

I went for another walk this morning taking some more pictures.

I saw these flowers on my walk.
I saw these flowers on my walk this morning.




6 thoughts on “All I had to do was place the form under his door, and then he would sign it for me.

  1. Lovely photos. I’m glad you’re walking more comfortably now! Ah, the benefits of government-fun medicine. We Americans miss so much in our stubborn fears of the word “social.”

    1. Thanks for your comment, dear Linda. Actually I am amazed that this kind of benefit is still available to old people, because the government is more and more out to cut on benefits.

    1. Wishing both of you a great weekend too.
      Some time ago I copied what it says in that health care form. Yes, each patient can receive a maximum of 5 allied health services in a calendar year. And a dozen Allied Health Providers (AHP) are mentioned, namely:
      Audiologist, Chiropractor, Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Mental Health Worker, Occupational Therapist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Psychologist, Speech Pathologist.
      So far I need only the services of a Podiatrist. I hope it stays this way!

  2. This is what I wrote on the 13th of this month:

    This morning I went for a short walk. I took a few pictures in front of our house as well as of the park at the back of our house. It was sunny, but a bit windy. Actually, it was much too windy for my liking. The wind felt very cold, really as cold as in winter. I thought we had spring right now here in Australia? Anyhow, I liked the sun and I liked to be able to take a few pictures.
    The pictures are published in this post:

    And in the same post I wrote the following:

    All in all I had quite a good day so far. I was lucky in that Peter found in our medical file map an appointment card for when I had seen the Care Plan Nurse of the Dapto Medical Centre in April this year. This card helped me to make another appointment. I rang the Medical Centre, and they arranged for me to see sister this morning at 11 o’clock. Peter drove me there at the right time. The Centre was packed full with waiting patients. Many looked liked they were in urgent need of medical care. Gee, was I glad that I had an appointment for a set time. Sister called me in soon after I arrived. I had a great visit with her. She took my blood pressure and made me go on the scales. She asked me whether I needed any help with household chores. I told her that we were all right because my husband did chores together with me. She asked me what I had planned for today. I told her I was planning on going to my gentle movements exercise class like every Thursday from 12,30 to 1,30 pm. She wanted to know, how much this cost me. I said it is only three dollars per session. The pensioner’s association subsidises it. She filled out a form for me so I would be able to get further treatment by a podiatrist. The only drawback is, that my doctor has to sign this form. The doctor was not in today. Sister wrote down the times when he would be in. She explained that I did not have to make an appointment with him. All I had to do was place the form under his door, and then he would sign it for me

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