An Insider’s View of the 1%

I am not surprised about the major role professional financial advisors play in protecting the wealth and power of the 1%.

The Most Revolutionary Act

The 1%

Directed by Jamie Johnson (2006)

Film Review

The 1%, produced and directed by Johnson and Johnson heir Jamie Johnson, offers a rare insider perspective on the dangers of extreme wealth inequality for contemporary society. Johnson favors using major tax reform, ie requiring the wealthy to pay more tax, to reduce inequality.

The film devotes more or less equal emphasis to the psychological insecurities underlying greed and the sordid efforts of the 1% to corrupt democratic institutions.

It includes interviews with late conservative economist Milton Friedman, Ralph Nader, arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi (who brokered the Irangate arms for hostages deal), Robert Reich, sugar barons Alfie and Pepi Fanjul,* Chuck Collins (the Oscar Mayer heir who gave away his wealth), Bill Gates senior (who also supports higher taxes for the rich), and Nicole Buffet (her grandfather Warren Buffet cut her off from the family when she appeared in an…

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5 thoughts on “An Insider’s View of the 1%

    1. Well, Gerard, I am not surprised, not really. I mean, I do not like it, however it seems to be somehow quite natural, that in the first place they do want to look after their own. Most humans are raised this way, that we ought to look after our own interests first of all! The son of a very rich person has to do what is expected of him by his elders, otherwise he gets disinherited!

      1. The more reason to have a nice and very fat ‘inheritance tax’ which many countries more advanced than us do.
        Of course, the word tax in Australia is regarded as blasphemous.

      2. Blasphemous? Naturally, to do anything to ‘disadvantage’ the very rich is being regarded as extremely ‘blasphemous’. The rich seem to think that they have some God given rights. Maybe it has always been like this! 🙂

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