America’s Democracy is broken–americas-democracy-is-broken-and-they-cant-fix-it-20161103-gshl3c.html

So what about America’s democracy? Please, go to the above article by Paul McGeough. It seems to me he says it the way it is.

3 thoughts on “America’s Democracy is broken

  1. Well! This is certainly a bleak interpretation of current conditions. LOL! Fortunately I don’t agree with much of it. Otherwise, how could I get out of bed in the morning? Despite the doom-sayers, American democracy has been stretched and tested many times before and I have confidence in our resilience. It is going to be an interesting ride, however. THAT is definitely true! 🙂

  2. I agree with that, Debra, that it is an interesting ride, and I think not only for Americans but for instance for us Australians too. I very much like your optimistic outlook. We all wish that the world becomes more peaceful. We do not want to be confronted with constant warlike situations. Most people seem to feel that the most important thing is, that the economy stays intact. Of course I too would wish that to be possible . . . .

  3. Among other things Paul McGeough writes:

    “We’re into the 21st century, but at times it might be the Dark Ages. In Flint, Michigan, much of the city was made to drink lead-poisoned water. The whole country is swept by an epidemic of opioid addiction, killing as many as 50,000 people a year – and Congress is accused of being more sensitive to protecting Big Pharma’s $US9 billion-a-year opioid trade than to remedying the cause.”

    If you look up “Flint, Michigan”, you find the following written under a picture:

    “Filmmaker Michael Moore, who was born in Flint, attends a rally outside City Hall, accusing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder of poisoning the city’s water.”

    “Secretaries pay more tax than hedge fund managers. . . . ”

    ect. ect.

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