Natur-Park des Schöneberger Südgeländes

7 Nov

Frau Tonari published a blog about this Natur-Park in Berlin and I reblogged it:

Frau Tonari included many beautiful pictures in her blog. The pictures reminded me, that Peter and I took also quite a few pictures when we visited this park a few months ago. I looked up the pictures that are in my files and publish some of them now. Martin, our son, was with us in Berlin. So Martin, Peter and I went together for a visit to that park. Frau Tonari wrote that the park had no other visitors at the time she was there. The same thing happened to us. When we arrived there was at times some light rain. We thought, that maybe the weather was the reason why no other visitors were to be seen. We were there on a weekday. We assumed that maybe on weekends some people might be around. There was a cafe, but it was closed.


The above picture shows the entrance. Peter is in the foreground, Martin on the left.


The cafe, that was closed, had a lot of outside seating available.

The cafe, that was closed, had a lot of outside seating.


Father and Son

Father and Son










3 Responses to “Natur-Park des Schöneberger Südgeländes”

  1. Frau Tonari November 7, 2016 at 4:33 pm #

    Much greener in summer. 😉
    The cafe has only opened at the weekend and on holidays.
    May bee, otherwise it is not profitable.
    I visited the park also on a weekday.

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