My tiny hands are bleeding: Vanstone on protest

After WW2 I was extremely upset when I saw pictures about the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews. I am just as upset now about the governments treatment of asylum seekers. To ignore human rights is wrong, wrong, wrong. To keep silent about it, is wrong, wrong wrong too!

No Place For Sheep

The Exceptional Amanda Vanstone The Exceptional Amanda Vanstone

In yet another piece of bellicose dross on the thoughtlessness of protesters, former Howard immigration minister turned ABC broadcaster and Fairfax columnist (via ambassador to Rome) Amanda Vanstone, yesterday unleashed her inner curmudgeon in this indignant rant titled “The ‘look at me’ narcissistic politics of the left.”

On reflection, her curmudgeon aspect is not that inner, but let’s not digress into personalities.

Briefly, Vanstone suffered trauma when as a young woman, indentured to the Myer group, she was forced to walk the streets of Melbourne bearing a load of something or other tied up with string that cut into her hands so badly she was obliged to make occasional stops in order to lay down her burden on the pavements and give her tiny hands a break.

One day, she was prevented from enjoying even this small relief by a crowd of “well-fed” protesters, upset…

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2 thoughts on “My tiny hands are bleeding: Vanstone on protest

  1. Amanda Vanstone says in her article the following:
    “. . . What would they say if their employer sought to rearrange their rights to salary or super because the employer decided it was fair and reasonable to pay less effective workers less ? No doubt there’d be an uproar. What if their university just decided to not award a degree on the basis of some subjective personal bias by one lecturer? Another uproar. , , , ”
    Well, as far as I can see this has to do with economic rights. Whereas keeping people in detention, as though they were criminals, has to do with abuse of human rights. And abuse it is in my view, no matter what Miss Vanstone says. But none of our politicians are willing to make a fuss about it. To interrupt their talk for half an hour is a crime. And still they wont talk about the issue. It just does not concern them that totally innocent people are lingering meanwhile in detention. How come they cannot show any guilt about it that this treatment goes on indefinitely? In their view it is the right kind of treatment. How can it be right if it goes against human rights?
    I think every one who does not protest against this treatment is totally and absolutely selfish. possibly because of being scared to lose some of their ‘privileges’!

    1. “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. John Kenneth Galbraith”

      I think this quote by John Kenneth Galbraith concerning selfishness is quite illuminating

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