Uta’s Diary, December 2016

Peter went into hospital on Friday, the 9th, and was allowed to go home on Sunday, the 11th. On Monday Caroline took another day of carer’s leave. This was a great help to us. Peter is going to see his urologist on the 9th of January. An earlier appointment was not possible.

Tuesday and Wednesday were extremely hot days. But Wednesday afternoon there was a change: It became much cooler, and later on it started to rain. It is still raining now, a nice steady rain. After yesterday’s very hot and later on cooler wind, there is no wind today, which makes the rain very pleasant.

Peter and I went to see a GP yesterday. Daughter Monika drove us there. We could not see our regular GP. We both needed a prescription, which another doctor then gave to us. It was no problem. Next week Peter’s GP is back from leave and Peter can talk to him then. He had been advised to do this by the head nurse in the hospital.

I might have to see my optometrist soon, because my eye-sight is not very good at the moment. Our car is still in repair. There is a chance that we may get it back today.
Peter still needs a lot of rest and he is also advised not to lift anything heavy. He is supposed to drink a lot of water. This is sometimes a bit of a struggle for him.

The other side of Wollongong Hospital
From here Matthew picked Peter and me up after Peter was released from the hospital on Sunday morning. Caroline was with us too. We all had to get into the Proton because the Audi needed to be repaired!

Now we are all looking forward to next Wednesday when we are going to have a special  lunch for our anniversary.

5 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, December 2016

  1. So sorry to hear that Peter isn’t well, and hope that it can all be sorted out soon, especially as you have your anniversary and Christmas coming up – two important occasions. Wishing you both a happy and healthy new year. Blessings x

  2. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    I am sorry to say, Peter is in great pain right now. We ask ourselves is it the cancer that is spreading through his body. A bit over three years ago Peter went to hospital for the first time. This reblog says a bit about this hospital admission in December 2016.

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