I reblog here my own post from 4th of December 2016. So far not many people seem to have looked at it. It was so interesting to see ‘degustation’ servings on our plates. Very artistic and very cute!


Today,  Sunday, Caroline and Matthew invited us to a five course Degustation Lnnch, degustation meaning taking a small amount into the mouth to taste the quality of the food.

Our five course meal was excellent. We sat there for hours enjoying one course after another. We took pictures of most of the courses. As an entree we had tiny cups of delicious soup, also some warm bread and butter. The bread seemed to be damper and was probably baked on the premises. The restaurant is up in the mountains. It was warm, but not too hot. All the rooms were open to the outdoors. No air-conditioning needed! I thought this was great. We felt as though we were being in the country. We were surrounded by lots of things from country life in the past. And we were only a fifteen minute drive away from home! Quite amazing really. The service…

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