Orange Sky Laundry

There was a news item this morning about Orange Sky Laundry and I googled the following to find out more about what they do. Yes, helping your brothers and sisters, that what is all about.

Why Orange Sky?
The song, Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch has been a major inspiration behind this project. “In your love, my salvation lies” and “I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky, with my brother standing by” are lyrics from the song. The entire message of the song is about helping your brothers and sisters. These values are imperative to us and central to our project.

What will people do while their
clothes are being washed?
Orange Sky Laundry will be partnering with a number of food vans in order to get clothes washed and returned as quickly as possible. The washing will be done while meals are being cooked and eaten.

What will people wear while their
clothes are being washed?
During the trial we will be washing all other possessions, i.e. blankets and other sets of clothes. There are plans for further developments in this area later!

How many people’s clothes
can you wash?
At Orange Sky Laundry we have two 10kg washers and dryers that allow us to get 20kg of clean washing out every hour.
Additionally, linen bags and an efficient colour co-ordination system will allow us to wash multiple people’s clothes at
once and keep their belongings together.

What about power and water?
Initially, the van will tow a generator for power. Water will be sourced from the parks/local businesses depending on the area. Following the trial, the appropriate water and power connections will be in place and the final schedule will be published. Our new vans now also include oboard clean and grey water storage, along with a power generator.

Who is doing the washing?
The washers are automatically fed so there are no powders or toxic chemicals. Therefore our volunteers simply load the linen bags and once clean, return the belongings to their owner.

When and where will you be operating?
We aim to be on the streets of Brisbane at least 5 days a week testing different locations and different crowds of people from Brisbane to Ipswich. The hours will be mirroring the local food services but will usually be between 6-11am.

How do you set this up in a public place?
Very similarly to the local food services, the van will be run at well known, yet discreet locations across South East Queensland.

How can I help?
Your support is greatly accepted and appreciated for our project. You can donate and/or sign up to our ever growing volunteers list! Also, continually growing awareness of our organisation is greatly appreciated so please find us on social media! If you see the van driving around come and say hi and talk to our fantastic team!

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