An independent Thinker Review from Sunday, 06 November 2005–thom-hartmanns-independent-thinker-review

Sunday, 06 November 2005 15:00

“They Thought They Were Free” – Thom Hartmann’s Independent Thinker Review

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Thom Hartmann’s “Independent Thinker” Book of the Month Review

“They Thought They Were Free” is an intensely personal book for me. Although I was born after Hitler was five years dead, the horrible dance between fascism and democracy has fascinated me since childhood. And, through a series of odd coincidences, my adult life has been heavily intertwined with those of both Nazis and the victims of Hitler’s Nazis.

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As Mayer so movingly narrates, the experience of 20th century Europe demonstrates that those abusing power must be confronted with equally vigorous power.

In the 1930s, Germans who believed in republican democracy were overwhelmed before they realized how completely their civil liberties and national institutions had been seized.

We must not allow it to happen in our nation. Read “They Thought They Were Free” and awaken as many as you can.


Milton Sanford Mayer

An American Jew of German ancestry, and a brilliant reporter, Mayer went to Germany 7 years after Hitler’s fall and befriended 10 Nazis. This book is, in large part, his story of that experience. Intertwined through it — written in 1955 — are repeated overt and subtle warnings to future generations of Americans — us, today.


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