Uta’s Diary


Last August/September I did write how we had to get rid of some trees who unfortunately had grown in a very unsuitable spot. The above photos are from that time to show how bare the area near the fence looked. In the meantime we had a lot of regrowth. However, we have to make very sure that no new camphor laurel trees start growing again. Actually Peter did find some the other day and had to discard them. There were several among the bougainvilleas near the fence. They had already grown quite a bit!!

Well, is this a camellia?

This bush grew from this:


to this:


A while ago we had beautiful BOK CHOI growing here too.

Why has the camphor laurel tree become a pest?

This tree is a prolific producer of seed. Some birds feed on these seeds, which then germinate readily.

Growing in suburban backyards, its massive root structure can cause serious damage to concrete structures and block drains.

In bushland areas it often competes with, and displaces native trees and other vegetation.
In these conditions it can develop into a single species community, depriving many birds and animals of their natural food supply.


4 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary

  1. It is Hibiscus, Uta. Camellia is totally different. The camphor laurel produces beautiful timber and makes for magnificent kitchen tops, tables etc. It is a pest in Queensland and crowds out other trees, but some clever entrepreneurs are now marketing the timber.

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibiscus

      Yea, thank Gerard. I always get Camellia and Hibiscus mixed up/ Just looked up Hibiscus in Wikipedia. They come in so many different shapes and shades. Very confusing.
      We have another different bush at the North side of the house. This one then is probably the Camellia one. I know, we had one of each, but I always get them mixed up!

  2. Your garden seems to be coming on okay Uta, lovely to see the greenery and flowering plants, at least you did get some Bok Choi, something I have never thought to try to grow.

    1. We love it, Ian, when we can pick food from our little backyard garden. At the moment it is very hot. Yesterday afternoon the temperature went up to 42C. We do not have any air-conditioning. Still, we were able to keep the inside temperature at 32C. We still have 28C in the house this morning, while outside it is 25C at the moment. Probably another hot day coming up!

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