Uta’s 2017 February Diary



Tuesday morning, 7th of February 2017
in front of our house


at the back of our house


at the breakfast table


After a very warm night we woke up to beautiful, steady rain. In the house the temperature was still a warm 27C. Outside the temperature had dropped to a ‘cool’ 25C. So we opened all the windows and even the outside doors and had breakfast by the sound of steady rain. This rain was very refreshing. The soil outside smelled wonderful as it soaked up all this rain. Instead of switching the lights on we used some candles. I found this candle light and the sound of the rain very calming.

Last Sunday we went by train to Sydney Central Station and from there by street tram to Glebe where Caroline and Matthew live now.


On Sunday the outside temperature in Sydney was about 35C. Matthew drove all of us to a vegetarian cafe where we had a beautiful lunch. I chose split pea soup and enjoyed this very much. Matthew had made us some of his excellent coffee before we did go out for lunch, and Caroline served us fruit and Pfefferkuchen. C and M live in a very beautiful place now. They are sub-tenants, but have the top story of the house all to themselves.  After lunch M drove us to the park at the end of Glebe Point Road, which is near the water and there are lots of beautiful large trees and seats. I found this park a very relaxing place on a hot day. I was glad that M then could drive us back to Central Station where we caught the 3,29 train to Dapto,our home station. We were very tired and it did not take us very long to fall asleep on the train! Peter went to sleep with his open tablet in his hands. I could not resist to take some pictures of sleeping Peter:



On Saturday we went to the Uniting Care Home in Unanderra. Sylvia had mentioned to us that her father would like to see us. So we had arranged to visit on that Saturday. Sylvia’s parents, C and E, are about the same age that we are. We have known them since 1959 when we all lived as recently arrived migrants in the Balgonie Hostel. Peter used to work with E at Waterboard when we still lived in the hostel. For Waterboard they laid pipes in lots of Wollongong streets. Well, it was a job in those days. Here is what our hostel looked like:

Click to access uow129011.pdf

On Saturday both Sylvia and her mum were at the home to look after E who does need a lot of assistance. He has to learn to use his legs again. He seemed to like our visit. He had not seen Peter and me for quite some time. E has his own room in the home. We were treated to a great lunch. Everything that was there for lunch S and C had been bringing along on the bus from Wollongong. They always catch the bus from Wollongong to see E in that Unanderra Care Home. It is actually a very good home for people who need a lot of care. Very friendly rooms and friendly staff!

The two cakes Sylvia had baked herself. They served coffee our of a thermos.


Last Friday I went with some friends for a birthday lunch. One of my friends had her 80th birthday celebrations!


We are from left to right: 71, 81, 80, 86, and 82 years old! Every Friday afternoon we meet for some games of Scrabble and Rummy. We have been doing this for more than ten years. After that birthday lunch last Friday we all went to M’s place and played our games. We always enjoy our Friday afternoons. Next Friday  afternoon the ladies come to my place. We all take it in turns.





2 thoughts on “Uta’s 2017 February Diary

  1. I really enjoy seeing photos of your home, friends, travels and delicious meals! You provide a lovely photo diary. And I do love train travel…I fall asleep, too! 🙂

    1. I love taking photos, Debra, to remind me of what we’ve been doing. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the photos. The constant heat this summer makes us often feel very tired. Today, we have a good break from the heat, though. Also, it has been raining quite a lot. The whole day the temperature stayed at 25C, whereas yesterday it reached more than 40C: This made us feel so very tired! 🙂

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