Heatwave Records in Australia


I just found the following in The Guardian:

“Sydney airport recorded its hottest February day ever at 42.9C, breaking a 37-year record. Wood said the month was on track to be the hottest on record in both Sydney and Brisbane, following on from their hottest January on record.”


Here is an article by the ABC about Australia’s heatwave:


We live in Dapto, 100 km south of Sydney. Today, Saturday, we expect 41c.  Right now it is still early morning and the outside temperature is only about 23C. We plan on driving to Warrawong later on, spending some time in the shopping centre and in the afternoon we want to visit the GALA Cinema to see a French movie: Rosalie Blum.

Yesterday afternoon my lady friends came over to my place. It was our Friday games afternoon. Erika is away in Geelong, Victoria, visiting some friends. But Barbara, Irene and Marion did come despite the heat and I not having any air-conditioning. I had our ceiling fans in the living room going the whole time. Blinds and curtains were in front of all the windows.  We started playing at 2 pm. I think our inside temperature was then only about 28C. But three hours later, when the ladies left, the inside temperature had climbed to 32C.




8 thoughts on “Heatwave Records in Australia

  1. at 10.30 am it is 28 in Bowral already. Inside it is still a lovely 22c. Anything over 27c inside becomes uncomfortable. Incidents of domestic violence are soaring during hot days. Police are flat out calming over-heated couples getting stuck in each other. Drinking plenty of water is the only way to survive, and perhaps reading a good book helps too.

    1. Good advice, Gerard. Thanks for that. Water inside and also water outside has survival value. How about walking around in wet swimwear and putting all the fans on: How cooling is that?

      The Rosalie Blum story in French with subtitles was very entertaining. A few times I was roaring with laughter. I had never seen the small theater in the GALA being so full of people. However I saw only old people. Maybe they all wanted to escape the heat. An air-conditioned cinema is a good place to be on a hot day. 🙂

      I find to sit in front of a computer one gets too hot. It is indeed preferable to calmly sit with a book under some fans. Actually, in some ways ifind the heat rather calming. It is much too hot to attempt to rush a lot and do exhausting things. 🙂

  2. We have a heatwave in Norway too, the warmest winter in 60 years. So sad!! Svalbard north of the Arctic Circle is the warmest place in Norway at the moment with +4° and rain, rain. A catastrophy for the arctic habitat.

  3. Interesting to read the temperature “highs” from around the world. We experienced the hottest summer on record in 2016 and it seemed to go on forever! Sitting with a book under a fan sounds like a very good idea!

    1. We were quite lucky today, Debra. we had an overcast sky all day and a bit of wind and the temperature went no higher than 28 Celsius which I find very pleasant. The rest of NSW still has sweltering conditions and severe fire alert. Today, I was able to do a lot of reading in the Novel “Purity” by Jonathan Franzen.

  4. Hi Uta, we did have a few hot days lately, cooling down now for a while, we had three days in a row of 42 degrees, nights were hot and stifling. The proverbial bush fires were once again making headlines.
    Kind regards.

    1. Thanks, Ian. Yes, there are still a lot of fires, some of them dangerous. How much these fire fighters must be sweating in this heat. They try very hard to save lives, houses and property.

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