Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’


I googled today some reviews of this book.
The links to the two reviews at the top I publish to show how much two reviews about the same book can actually differ.

My thoughts on reading this book:

I am now more than halfway through Jonathan Franzen’s “Purity”.
I would agree that for me this book is not all that easy one to read. There are pages with a lot of information which at times I find rather difficult to digest and remember. However I can sense that all the information provided shows a lot about our modern world and how people in it are affected. Other sections in the book are very easy to read and show, how complicated ordinary lives can become in our modern world. I like being able to read parts of the book for a few hours in one go. Making it possible to read for an extended time, the book seems to be getting more and more interesting. I can’t wait to find out more about its characters!

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’


    These are the two links that I wanted to publish. I tried again and again to include them in the above post. But regrettably they do not seem to work. With a bit of luck they might work here in this comment section. 🙂

    I think you may be able to find the New York Times link here:

  2. Hope you are still finding your book interesting Uta, I will check out the author although the title doesn’t exactly draw my attention, I am still going through Poe for the umpteenth time and Fydora Dostoesky.
    I do generally check out other authors when people write of their books.

    1. I finished with ‘Purity’ now, Ian. I also read three other books by Jonathan Franzen. Sometimes we buy books that are on sale, but there’s also a good choice of books in our public library. On the very hot days I find it easier to read a book rather than staying at the computer. But often the computer is too much of a distraction and there is then not enough time for reading books. I love to watch good movies that I have seen before, the same applies to books. Jonathan Franzen is a great observer of contemporary society. No character in his books is all good or all bad.

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