Uta’s Diary, 1st of March 2017

“Es regnet,

es regnet;

es regnet seinen Lauf,

und wenn’s genug geregnet hat

dann hört es wieder auf.”

But when does it stop? It just keeps on pouring, pouring . . .

I hope it won’t keep raining like this next month when my brother Peter Uwe and his wife Astrid are going to be with us. I am very much looking forward to their visit from Germany. Yesterday Peter and I drove up to Mt.Keira. The rain had stopped for just a little bit and Peter could take some pictures with his phone. After a while he also took his tablet out and took a picture with that. We were thinking we could take Peter Uwe and Astrid to the top of Mt.Keira. This should be an interesting outing for them to see the Wollongongs coastline from up there.







View of Mt.Keira from Wollongong Hospital: I took this picture last week when Peter was in Wollongong Hospital for an operation.

View of Mt.Keira from Wollongong Hospital




When we first came to Australia people told us that they would say it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ when there were extremely  heavy downpours. Well, today it has been raining ‘cats and dogs’ quite often, then there’s some drizzle, then it stops for a while, but not for long, and then it starts all over again. Not a good day for doing my washing . . .



3 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, 1st of March 2017

  1. Those of us living in Northern California have been experiencing similar problems. Following years of drought, we have had an overabundance of precipitation this year with not only major landslides but massive evacuations resulting from the possibility of dam failures. With record snowfall depths in the Sierras, we are hoping for gradual spring melting rather than even greater difficulties from excessive runoff. Predictions are for more frequent extreme weather in the future as cumulative climate change effects worsen.

  2. Here too rain, and more rain, Uta. Predictions are rain for the next week or so. We just quickly nip out to walk Milo in between showers. It is rather cosy to be inside watching the rain, and it reminds me of Holland.

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